The Story of Tabitha

Until you have real compassion, you can not recognize real love

Bob Thurman

Hello there šŸ‘‹šŸ½

Let us take you through the day and also learn all about love and compassion.

We start the day with a few interesting games. The two in particular that stand out are the “Broken Telephone” and “Concentration Game.” Here’s the concentration game.

Nice right. Now let’s practice the dance.

The devotion segment would stand out for the rest of the day. We learn about “Love and Compassion.” The teacher tells us the story of Tabitha to help us understand the topic well enough.

We learn about Tabitha a believer who lived in Joppa. She loved helping people and more so through her sowing. She made for others clothes like shirts, coats and robes which made her a people’s favorite in Joppa. However, Tabitha fell ill and died. This brought sadness to the people of Joppa who knew her. They cried in grief remembering all that she had done for them. In the midst of all this, it came to their attention that Peter, a disciple of Christ was in the near-by town of Lydda. So, they sent out two men to go fetch Peter to come raise Tabitha from the dead through Jesus Christ. And so they did. On arrival, the widows showed Peter all the clothes she had made for them. Peter then cleared the room and prayed for Jesus to raise Tabitha from the dead. When he uttered the words “Tabitha, get up”, Tabitha opened her eyes and sat up. What a miracle indeed!

From Tabitha’s story, we learn to always love and help those around us as a way to shine our light on others as Christ has shined His light on us. To end the devotion, we give a few examples of how we can start doing good for others in our lives.

After devotion, we then go for swimming yay! Then take our tea and snacks.

After which we play another game called “Charades.”

It’s now time for the craft project. As you might remember, we started a kite project last Saturday which we are supposed to complete today. So we pull up our sleeves and focus.

After completing our kites, we do our final prayers together then run out to the field to test out and play with our kites that we just made before our parents pick us up.

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