Amazing Kids Club 2020

Dear Parent,

We invite you to enroll your child/children to the Amazing Kids Club

Ages: 5- 12 Years

Where? Parkland’s Sports Club, every Saturday 8.30 am to 1.30 Pm.

Cost: Kshs 5000/- per 4 Saturdays.

Season one opening date:  18th January 2020

2020    Theme: To Build the next generation of leaders

2020 Key focus: Teaching the Kids to think like Entrepreneurs early in Life

Season One Program

Life Skills

  1. Setting the amazing kids club goals and plans for 2020 ( owning and committing to the projects)
  2. Financial Literacy (understanding money earning money-practical project spending money plans)
  3. Problem solving choice wheel- Aim: To help the children to start solving their own problems,
  4. Next generation of leaders as entrepreneurs
  5. The traits of Leadership
  6. The core values of good leaders
  7. Practical- leadership opportunities


  • Guided art, craft, bead work
    • Group projects
    • Individual projects


  • Dance, Music, Poetry and Public speaking
  • A performance talent challenge

Spiritual growth– devotion moments and bible memory verses


Career Experience and exposure

  • An excursion to an Institution to experience career.
  • Compassion visit and adventure.
  • Indoor and outdoor games, celebrations, swimming, fun moments

What is the objective of the Amazing Kids Club in 2020?

  1. To continue nurturing the kids character with godly and positive values.
  2. To continue equipping each child with life and social skills that build their confidence and self-esteem
  • To dare the children to think differently and become problem solvers
  1. To challenge the children to be creative and out of the box thinkers through individual driven projects and specials.
  2. To help the children discover and utilize their talents with entrepreneurship opportunities.
  3. To help the children to form meaningful and purposeful relationships
  • To engage the children through fun games to improve their physical well-being with a touch of adventure moments.
  • To help the kids learn new performances through, dancing, singing, and new memory verses.

Expected benefits to the kids from the Amazing Kids Club

  • Developed leadership qualities in the kids
  • Enhanced confidence and self-esteem
  • Knowing God and deepening their relationship with Jesus
  • Importance of starting and finishing projects as individuals and as a group
  • Planted roots of entrepreneurship
  • New dance, songs and other performances
  • Taking responsibility, team work and going the extra mile
  • New and strengthened relationships
  • Enhanced physical health and wellbeing
At Amazing kids Club, each child is:-  

“Important, respected, needed, recognized and appreciated”.

Attached, is our 2019 Newsletter, some pictures and testimonials from both kids and parents.

Empower your child, create a path out of the crowd, and differentiate! It must be intentional!!

Call now and enroll on 0729713775 or send an email to

Payment to pay bill no. 508400 Account Number 10011202001275

“Rescue tomorrow today”

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