Ah, letters! There's just something about them that brings a feel good energy and gives a trip to memory lane of some good old times. On arrival on June 11th, The Amazing Kids received this amazing surprise in form of a letter with these beautiful drawings and words around it saying "I love Amazing Kids". … Continue reading A LETTER FROM AN OLD FRIEND

Trivia anyone?

As we all know by now, Amazing Kids sessions are always fun and creative. The Saturday of 21st May was no different. First warm up with us for a minute. Do it with a little style if you can. https://youtu.be/mHQ8APZryy8 Trivia often push us to think just a little harder, a little smarter, and this … Continue reading Trivia anyone?

14th of May

Painting, games, learning, fun and games were all the highlights of this day. Follow along to experience it too, through us of course🙂. Did you know that King Saul was Israel's first King? This we learnt during the devotion in the morning. However, the main theme was on his success and failure. How after being … Continue reading 14th of May

The Royal Experience

On the 9th of April, The Amazing Kids Club decided to pay a visit to the Royal Golf Club. Little did we know that this would be a fun packed day full of exciting activities that we would not forget. Guys arrived at the venue in time for the morning Zumba-warm up exercise. https://youtu.be/DQ-h4GIWdSI Having … Continue reading The Royal Experience

The Story of Tabitha

Until you have real compassion, you can not recognize real loveBob Thurman Hello there 👋🏽 Let us take you through the day and also learn all about love and compassion. We start the day with a few interesting games. The two in particular that stand out are the "Broken Telephone" and "Concentration Game." Here's the … Continue reading The Story of Tabitha

2nd April 2022

Hello there. Nice seeing you here again. Put on your reading glasses, sit back and let us take you through the 2nd of April. We arrived in the morning, said hi to our friends and teachers and were ready for the day. We started with the devotion where we learnt about Lydia. We learnt how … Continue reading 2nd April 2022

March 19th

https://youtu.be/yRZ6TDeuxPE Amazing right! That was a nice surprise our friends had for us when we arrived in the morning, probably a spoiler alert of how the day would turn out. The devotion was fantastic! On the theme of responsibility and courage, we got to be entertained with a nice story about David from our teacher. … Continue reading March 19th


You can't escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.Abraham Lincoln Hi there. Did you know that David was a very responsible person? He showed responsibility from the time he was a young boy looking after his father’s sheep. God later elevated him to be a king who turned out to be very responsible … Continue reading Responsibility


Hello and welcome back. We hope you had a lovely week. Today is the 19th of February, 2022. Let us take you through the day. We arrive at the club at 8:30 am, sign in then say hi to our friends and teachers as usual. On this morning though, Teacher Ruth asks us to each … Continue reading 19TH OF FEBRUARY