Ah, letters! There’s just something about them that brings a feel good energy and gives a trip to memory lane of some good old times.

On arrival on June 11th, The Amazing Kids received this amazing surprise in form of a letter with these beautiful drawings and words around it saying “I love Amazing Kids”.

“A letter from an old friend”

This thoughtful and kind gesture was so heartwarming to us. Probably one of the best ways to start a day. A letter from a friend who used to be part of us. Thank you Jasmine!

Not wanting to cool the high energies, we played a balloon game.

“No discipline seems pleasant at the time but painful. Later on however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.”

Hebrews 12: 11

Discipline is a key aspect of a human being. Without it there would just be disobedience and chaos. With discipline comes morality and knowledge of right and wrong. As kids, we need to understand that when we’re corrected it’s for our own good and the society at large. We shared examples and stories of indiscipline around the world and their consequences and through them learning the value of discipline.

The money lesson was on “Communication Skills.” We learnt how to speak clearly to customers as this shows confidence in what you’re selling and greatly improves the number of sales. To drive this point home, we engaged in an activity whereby we designed an ad/ poster for our business and stood in-front of the class describing what we just created.

Here’s a snippet of us doing the activity.

and here’s some short snippets of guys briefly taking us through what they’re making.

All in all, we loved the activity and the experience too which tested our creativity skills.

We then took a breather with some tea, snacks and a short entertaining video clip,

then headed to the playground.

We started a new craft project and boy were we so eager to start!

We were preparing our boards for a string art project. Once we painted them, we left them in the sun to dry for a bit.

Who said you can’t have fun in between a project? We played a short “Broken Telephone” game as we waited.

We then carried on with painting our second coat on the boards for the color to pop!

The day had quickly come to an end as we finished off with taking this amazing picture with Teacher Ruth.

We hope you enjoyed our day, we’ll leave you with this highlight of the day, bye, see you next Saturday!

Trivia anyone?

As we all know by now, Amazing Kids sessions are always fun and creative. The Saturday of 21st May was no different.

First warm up with us for a minute. Do it with a little style if you can.

Trivia often push us to think just a little harder, a little smarter, and this one was no different. Time for a challenge, let us test you to see if you can solve these trivia. We believe you can do it! Okay let’s go!

What do you call a female deer?

Okay, second question, how many hearts does an octopus have?

Third question, which bird can fly backwards?

And to our final challenge, brace yourself, this could be a tough one. Which animals are trained by the US army to disarm under-water mines?

Did you get any correct? We hope you did and also learnt something new if you didn’t.

The devotion rolled on to a video clip and discussion on Bartimaeus. We learnt the value of speaking out. Just like Bartimaeus did till Jesus heard him and healed him from his blindness. We learnt that no matter how many times people push you down and insist that your opinion isn’t worthy to be heard, to keep fighting this negativity and speak out.

‘Be a Little Skeptical: Don’t Buy Everything You See’ was our lesson of the day. Amidst this advertisement world, we are bound to finally cave in to companies’ marketing strategies and end up buying stuff we don’t really need. In this lesson we tackled all that and several ways to avoid this advertisement trap.

Guys were elated to finally get a breather in the field

and then share some snacks and stories even.

They also got a chance to practice a dance to be showcased during the presentation.

We know you know what time it is, Art Time! We made leaf cutouts and also painted the sun. The project was nearing to its end. The following Saturday we would put this all together to form one nice painting.

The long awaited presentations were finally here, and guys didn’t dilly-dally any further to show us the dance they had been practicing during the day.

And of course the weekly highlight came from the presentations, this talented amazing girl over here wowed us all for sure!

14th of May

Painting, games, learning, fun and games were all the highlights of this day. Follow along to experience it too, through us of course🙂.

Did you know that King Saul was Israel’s first King? This we learnt during the devotion in the morning. However, the main theme was on his success and failure. How after being so renown and praised by his people he fell due to his disobedience towards God.

Did we mention we played some games?

a lot of games.

We even played musical chairs

Still continuing with our theme on money, we learnt ‘Money Comes To Those Who Wait.’ That is, having patience when finances are involved and most importantly avoiding the ‘Buy Now Pay Later Mentality’ which could lead to a rabbit hole of debts in future.

To challenge ourselves if we had surely learnt something from the lesson, we had this discussion.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We had plenty of time after to go outside, have a breather, play in the playground and field and also bond with our friends. After which we were so hungry and went ahead to take our snacks and tea back in class.

Art sessions always bring a different vibe with them. In our case, it brings out the creativity, focus, attention to detail and most importantly the team-work skills in us.

We prepared our canvases accordingly, for our first goal of the lesson

then dove straight into painting for step 2.

The day was a success. We learnt and achieved our goals for the day. Prayers from 4 amazing kids were held as we departed thereafter with our parents for home.

7th of May

After a 3 weeks April holiday break, the Amazing Kids Club finally resumed on the 7th of May. Grab on your seat belts and let us take you through the day.

We dove straight into some indoor games, and it was so much fun! It felt as if we had never taken a break for the holidays at all, as guys were all in sync. See!

We started with a ‘Pass the Message’ game

Then decided to sit down for the ‘What Did You Hear’ game

Followed by a game we’d like to call “Chinese Burger.”

And finally, police and robber

By the time we were done with the games, everyone had finally arrived and so that meant it was time to gather around, pray then share how our holiday was.

Afterwards, we did some early morning warm up exercises and a little bit of dance.

We took a few minutes to refresh ourselves on the dance moves we had been learning throughout the season.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any more fun, the teacher taught us a new game called “Police, Killer, Doctor and The Villagers.” Here as you can see the game demanded us to be creative, skeptical and analytical in certain situations.

Time for the life-skill was on. The lesson for the day was on “Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees.” We learnt about the value of money and that money is earned through working.

We then headed to the field to have some play-time with our friends and the teachers.

Then had some delicious snacks and tea afterwards during our tea break.

At the start of our art session, the teacher took us through the guidelines of the project.

And then paired us into groups where we went ahead to accomplish our goals for the session through creativity and teamwork.

Here are some pictures of us being goofy and proud of ourselves for having finished step 1 of our project.

And to end our day, we had this amazing girl wow us with her amazing voice!

The Royal Experience

On the 9th of April, The Amazing Kids Club decided to pay a visit to the Royal Golf Club. Little did we know that this would be a fun packed day full of exciting activities that we would not forget.

Guys arrived at the venue in time for the morning Zumba-warm up exercise.

Having warmed up those muscles guys were ready for the actual dance lesson.

Water break!

The guys then engaged in a small game to raise their energies once again

before deciding to have a go at the gym.

Now came the best segment. Or to say it in their own words, “Highlight of the day.” It was time for the team building games. The facilitator in charge divided us into two groups: Team Pink and Team Yellow. These 2 teams were to go against each other in the games that follow.

First was the relay racing

then the ring toss

then filling the bottle

and finally a tag of war.

And of course the monkeys too were in full attendance.

Whew! Now that was fun!

It was time for the guys to take a break. Guys had a starter snack and tea and then a delicious lunch thereafter.

They then headed for swimming and finally ended the day with a nice painting session.

See fun as promised. Guys were sad to see Amazing Kids leave and wondered if they would have another Amazing Kids fun day. The Amazing Kids gave them a sound, straight answer “YES!”

The Story of Tabitha

Until you have real compassion, you can not recognize real love

Bob Thurman

Hello there 👋🏽

Let us take you through the day and also learn all about love and compassion.

We start the day with a few interesting games. The two in particular that stand out are the “Broken Telephone” and “Concentration Game.” Here’s the concentration game.

Nice right. Now let’s practice the dance.

The devotion segment would stand out for the rest of the day. We learn about “Love and Compassion.” The teacher tells us the story of Tabitha to help us understand the topic well enough.

We learn about Tabitha a believer who lived in Joppa. She loved helping people and more so through her sowing. She made for others clothes like shirts, coats and robes which made her a people’s favorite in Joppa. However, Tabitha fell ill and died. This brought sadness to the people of Joppa who knew her. They cried in grief remembering all that she had done for them. In the midst of all this, it came to their attention that Peter, a disciple of Christ was in the near-by town of Lydda. So, they sent out two men to go fetch Peter to come raise Tabitha from the dead through Jesus Christ. And so they did. On arrival, the widows showed Peter all the clothes she had made for them. Peter then cleared the room and prayed for Jesus to raise Tabitha from the dead. When he uttered the words “Tabitha, get up”, Tabitha opened her eyes and sat up. What a miracle indeed!

From Tabitha’s story, we learn to always love and help those around us as a way to shine our light on others as Christ has shined His light on us. To end the devotion, we give a few examples of how we can start doing good for others in our lives.

After devotion, we then go for swimming yay! Then take our tea and snacks.

After which we play another game called “Charades.”

It’s now time for the craft project. As you might remember, we started a kite project last Saturday which we are supposed to complete today. So we pull up our sleeves and focus.

After completing our kites, we do our final prayers together then run out to the field to test out and play with our kites that we just made before our parents pick us up.

2nd April 2022

Hello there. Nice seeing you here again.

Put on your reading glasses, sit back and let us take you through the 2nd of April.

We arrived in the morning, said hi to our friends and teachers and were ready for the day.

We started with the devotion where we learnt about Lydia. We learnt how she was a successful business woman who sold expensive purple cloth in Philippi, Macedonia. She loved God very much. In fact, every evening she met up with some fellow women to pray to God together. All Lydia wanted was to attain things that were of eternal value. God answered her prayers and sent Paul, Silas, Luke and Timothy who were preaching across the sea from where she lived. She got baptized and invited the guys to her home to learn more about Jesus Christ. From this story we learnt that it is of high importance to seek God and things of eternal value as we live here on earth.

The dance was here to wow and energize us for the morning. We carried on learning the dance song for the season and did some pretty cool gymnastic exercises just to spice things up a little bit.

In the lesson, we did a recap of all the lessons we had undertaken since opening in January. We did this in preparation of a video shoot showcasing what we had achieved and learnt so far. Here’s a small snippet. The full version will be coming out soon on YouTube!

We carried on with the energy we got from the dance to the playground as we had fun doing some ‘acrobatics’ and gymnastic moves in the field.

Tea time was here with us. We took our snacks with ‘style’

then joined our friends for a little bonding time.

Project Time! We started on a new project namely, ‘Project Kites.’ This was the first day of the project. Soon to be an amazing outcome. We believe it because we are the Amazing Kids and we believe we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

In our award-giving session, this beautiful girl was gifted an award for achieving the silver badge a.k.a. 30 Amazing Kids good behavior marbles. Hongera sana!

We were up and ready for presentations, I hope you too can you tell! Our confidence levels were gradually improving; we were so proud of ourselves.

Of course, the Sherriff got the chance to give her remarks on our behavior during the day then went ahead to read out our marble counts. Hopefully someone wins the silver badge again next week. Guess you’ll have to peek in next week to discover if someone did. Yes! We just got that ka-feeling someone will.

What a day! We prayed and departed for home having had a very fun and fruitful day.

March 19th

Amazing right! That was a nice surprise our friends had for us when we arrived in the morning, probably a spoiler alert of how the day would turn out.

The devotion was fantastic! On the theme of responsibility and courage, we got to be entertained with a nice story about David from our teacher. Here’s a snippet.

Right before the dance we decided to engage in a fun warm up session.

After which we were now ready for the actual dance lesson.

Talk about breaking a sweat.

The day’s life skill lesson was a continuation on the introduction to financial literacy.

Time to take our snacks and tea arrived right on time. It turned out to be a fun one as Teacher Elijah engaged us in an intriguing bible trivia segment.

After the tea break we headed straight to the playground to have some more fun for a while then headed back to class to do our craft project.

Having completed the craft objective of the day, we swiftly shifted our attention to the awarding session. These were the guys who had currently achieved their bronze badges also known at Amazing Kids as the first 20 points of good behavior. For this, they received their gifts for achieving this milestone. We were so proud of them!

The presentations followed and they didn’t disappoint. The focus of the day was on posture and audibility.

The program had come to an end and so we did our closing prayers together. Some of us were picked up right away by their parents and headed home while those left awaiting to be picked up got to enjoy this exciting game called “Cup.


You can’t escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.

Abraham Lincoln

Hi there.

Did you know that David was a very responsible person? He showed responsibility from the time he was a young boy looking after his father’s sheep. God later elevated him to be a king who turned out to be very responsible to his people. It has to be noted that his life as a young boy shepherding his father`s sheep played a big role in shaping him to be the great King he turned out to be. This is what we learnt during our devotional on the 12th of March.

Here we are watching a clip on David.

Still on the theme of “Entrepreneurship”, we learnt and discussed about “Transacting with Money.” Learning about historic exchanges like barter trade was certainly intriguing.

In the dance lesson, the first thing we did was sitting down for a few minutes to review our progress of the dance with the teachers.

Amazing Kids dance moves reviewing session

Sitting back and analyzing yourself from a distance makes you see yourself in a different perspective. It allows one to identify and pick on the areas there is need to work on more and then do better. Fortunately, that’s exactly what we did as we carried on with the dance lesson.

After having refreshments we prepared for the craft lesson. We were carrying on from where we had left off last Saturday. Certainly this was teaching us a great lesson on patience and that all good things take time.

“All good things take time”

Work doesn’t have to be boring. Our friends decided to entertain us with such nice presentations as the rest of us finished our craft projects for the day.

We then shared how our day was before praying and heading home.


Hello and welcome back. We hope you had a lovely week. Today is the 19th of February, 2022. Let us take you through the day.

We arrive at the club at 8:30 am, sign in then say hi to our friends and teachers as usual. On this morning though, Teacher Ruth asks us to each write a thank you note to our previous Saturday’s guest-speaker for a job well done and we happily do so.

Thank you Teacher Elizabeth for teaching us about saving, budgeting and investment.

Afterwards, we are ready for our devotional of the day. Today’s topic; hard work. We learn about hard work through the story of Nehemiah. How he left for Israel, his home town to build the wall. Teacher Brian teaches us all about Nehemiah’s story and why we should always work hard.

He also plays us a video on the same story just to put more emphasis.

As soon as the devotion ends, Teacher Elijah engages us in a short and fun icebreaker like so before shifting to the dance lesson.

Immediately after the ice-breaker, the Time Boss informs us that it’s time for the dance. For those not familiar, the Time Boss is an Amazing Kid whose role is to manage time and ensure each program goes as per the schedule of the day. Teacher Moses is all energized and goes ahead to give us a quick warm and then dives into the dance lesson.

Our prominent assistants are really shining during the dance lesson. Watch them lead and and assist Teacher Moses in teaching us the dance moves. we think they are really doing a good job, hongera!

Prominent assistants are basically the teachers’ assistants. They help ease the load on the teachers and lead the others in accomplishing the task at hand.

We are literally sweating due to the fun we had during the dance. We take a quick water break then gather together for a quick brief before separating into different groups for the life skill lesson. Today’s lesson; “Creating a Business.” We learn the basics of what it entails to have a business and then brainstorm business ideas each Amazing Kid could start now. At the end of the lesson we all come up with a business we will implement on June. Some examples of business ideas made were: selling candy, doughnuts, muffins, chapatis, DIY jewelry and more.

That talk about selling doughnuts and chapatis sure did make us hungry. Luckily, for us it’s already tea break time. Time for some tea and snacks.

Afterwards we go to the playground and have some fun.

After play break, we gather in class for the art lesson. Today, the teacher decides to spice things up a little bit and break the monotony. We learn how to make block style calligraphy letters, shade them and color them.

After the art lesson, presentations are up. We get special presentations from these amazing girls over here. Talk about being creative and entertaining. Nice voices and moves girls!

Having had a full day of productivity and fun, we pray, then pick our stuff and head home. And that is how our 19th of February was; it was such a good day.

As always, we leave you with our highlight of the day. Enjoy this wise business conversation between Teacher Elijah and his group members during the life skill lesson.