Have you ever been in a tricky situation because you waited until the last minute to do something; may it be, studying for your exams or doing your homework? If you’ve ever found yourself in such a scenario, self-discipline would have helped you out! This Saturday, we learnt about self-discipline and its importance in our lives.

A person with self-discipline is considered strong mentally and emotionally. This is so because, thy are able to deny themselves the short thrill of now for the long lasting and satisfying results of the future. For example, someone who sacrifices their time to study hard reaps the fruits of success in future. Or even a more relatable example, a kid who reduces the amount of sweets and candy they take now avoids future visits to the dentist which are costly and to some very scary. This is the power of self-discipline.

At Amazing Kids we’re all about honesty. And these two guys shared with the class their stories where they thought they lacked self-discipline. Let’s take a peek.

The financial impact of self discipline will be seen further down the road as we tackle more on issues regarding businesses and money. Those with self discipline end up putting a substantial amount of their earnings to savings while those who lack it waste all their money buying everything their heart desires.

Self-discipline is a strength you have inside of you to control your feelings. It helps you do what is right, even if you don’t want to do it. In this case, opening a savings account and denying yourself those expensive things that you desire now.

With self discipline comes patience. Patience to wait till you save enough for that thing you’ve always wanted. It also brings forth wisdom. The knowledge that rough times will become worse if they find you without any money saved up since you squandered all of it buying things you didn’t really need.

Let’s take the example of having a tin full of cookies. With no self-discipline, you might eat all of the cookies at one go! With self-discipline, you could have two or three cookies today, then two or three tomorrow, and so on. This way, you get to enjoy the cookies longer instead of eating them all at once and risking getting sick from eating too many cookies at a go. Saving cookies to eat later is a good example of having self-discipline.

Self-discipline also helps when you have a large project to do. You may not want to do it, but using self-discipline, you can work at it a little every day until it’s all finished instead of waiting until the last minute. In the same way, if you have a chore that you don’t want to do, using self-discipline to get it done first can get it out of the way so you don’t need to worry about it anymore. Instead of playing video games or hanging out with your friends, and then doing the chore, finishing your responsibilities first shows self-discipline. You’re able to do what you need to do first, then enjoy yourself later on.

What a powerful phenomenon self discipline is. You not only get to use it now as a kid, but also when you grow up and become a responsible adult.


What do you really love? Or as some might say, what do you enjoy doing? That thing that no one has to push you to do because you’re so into it you find yourself doing it with ease. The thing that brings out your smile and lightens your mood whenever you are doing it! Yes, that thing, what is it?

For some, it’s swimming, for others, it’s painting, dancing, reading, exercising, helping others, learning new skills, meeting new people, traveling, cooking, teaching, cycling, listening to music, watching movies/series, photography, creative writing…you get the idea. So, what’s yours?

To know what your passion is, you first have to know who you are. It’s only through self-awareness that you get to know what you’re passionate about.
Luckily, these amazing kids had already tackled self-awareness, therefore knowing what their passions were, came easy for them, see!

Some love animals, sports and acting.

Others traveling, swimming, dancing and gymnastics.

Others enjoy learning German, golfing and taekwondo.

While others love editing, DIY and painting.

If you’re still struggling to find out what your passion is, we’ll help simplify this phenomenon. Passion basically narrows down to these two things: your talents and your hobbies. Your talent basically meaning what you’re skilled at and your hobbies being activities you enjoy doing for leisure or to pass time. Now that should do it! If you’ve figured it out, definitely let us know down in the comments!

To wrap all this in a creative sense, we ended the lesson with a drawing and coloring session of ourselves. Either drawing a self-portrait or drawing ourselves doing something we’re passionate about.

Guys also spared a minute to explain what they drew.

Before we go, we’ll leave you with these amazing presentations on last week’s assignment on achievements. Enjoy!


Hello there, nice to see you. We really appreciate you here at Amazing Kids for sparing your precious time to come join us.

Before we even do anything else, let’s enjoy these morning pictures of us.

Now let’s play some ice-breakers as we wait for the others to arrive.

In today’s devotional, Teacher Elijah informs us about the love God has for us. This can be through protection, provision of food, shelter, clothing, good health and so much more. He really does love us and this is clearly illustrated through everyone’s favorite bible verse: John 3:16.

Guys are sharing their personal stories on how they have seen God’s love in their lives, let’s chip in. It seems that many have experienced God’s love through His protection, interesting!

Today’s lesson is on “Budgeting.”

Teacher Kelvin is explaining this in a very easy and fun way to understand.

So, a budget should be split into 4 main areas: Spending,

Saving, Tithing and Giving. It should be divided in the percentages of 50, 30, 10 and 10 respectively. Let’s continue listening to Teacher Kelvin as he explains this.

After learning, seems we have some budgeting scenarios to solve and present to the class. Luckily, we each get a partner to help out. I guess you’re with me.

All in all I think the guys performed really well don’t you think?

Tea time! It’s really cold today but this should help.

The weather outside is so bad today, so let’s just stay in and do a little bit of coloring.

We’re starting off with a new art project. So let’s do exactly that!

Now that was creative! Nice work accomplishing today’s art objective, high five!

Seems the day is finally coming to an end, but hey I think Teacher Elijah and Teacher Brian are signaling for us to gather around and play some team-building games, let’s go check it out.

That was definitely interesting!

Now we need to pray before we leave.

What a day that was! Hope you had fun. See you next week. Bye!

July 2nd

Treasure hunts are fun, challenging and rewarding. The 2nd of July started with one in the morning. There had to be some entry rules; to participate, you had to do one lap around the field then join the search.

It was going to be a two step hunt, and guys successfully completed the first one.

We then did another lap before heading to the final stage which was more rewarding and challenging than the one before. But we came up on top, shining and striving to find every candy no matter how hard some were to find.

What an exciting session that was! We got to class and gathered around to pray. After doing a little catch up on how each person’s week was, we sat down for a devotion session.

We learnt the story of the prodigal son. We each took a turn to read a segment of the story in our own creative way.

If you don’t know the story, here’s a clip of one of our own telling it from her own perspective.

A warm up session was due to keep those energies high.

We decided to shift and spice things up a little bit so we decided to do the craft project next.

We clearly had achieved a lot so far so we took a much needed tea break.

In the spirit of spicing things up, we had a lineup of fun games and activities to do in the field afterwards. We had so much fun in the bouncing castle

in the field doing hand-stand and cat wheel races

taking some goofy pictures


and did a little bit of Simon says.

We finally finished the day off with the money lesson where we learnt about making a spending log and accounting on every penny you get.

The day was a success but sadly it had come to an end. We prayed together then waved each other goodbye as we headed home.


What is it about successful people that makes them stand out. Could it be that unlike others, they were just born lucky? No, it can’t be. I think it’s the resilience in them to see things through; striving forward even through the tough times. Falling down and standing up time and time again and enduring through the storm. Yes, this must be it!

On arrival, we dove straight into some ice-breaking games to set the mood.

We played a different kind of the ‘Broken Telephone’ game where instead of mimicking a spoken word or sentence, we mimicked an action.

Guys also begged to play their beloved ‘Police and Robber’ game for a few minutes and so they did.

On to the main lesson of the day, resilience. The art of standing up every time you fall down and keeping on trying. We watched these clips to teach us more on the topic.

First: ‘The Hugging Tree.’

Then, ‘A Story About Resilience.’

A great quote from ‘The Story About Resilience’ which was so powerful to us was:

“You were knocked down, you fell over, you were pushed to the ground, but you always got up; you never stayed down.”

The Story About Resilience

Afterwards, we got to enjoy a coloring session of two print outs quoting; “My challenges help me grow

and “amazing things happen when you try.”

All in all it was a special session this one, probably the highlight of the day. No wait, we spoke too soon, read on to discover why.

In need of a break, we took some tea and headed outside to play some games and even football.

The craft was definitely the highlight of the day, because it was so much fun to do. Here’s some progress shots…

And here are the some nice pictures of guys posing with their projects. It’s not yet done though, but we must say it looks really amazing so far!

Presentation time! If you’re sad, this beautiful girl’s song will remind you that God is always on your side and if you know this, you’ll be happy.

Finalizing the presentations, we had this amazing duo do a poem for us.

As you can see, we had an amazing day. We wish we could stay a bit longer but sadly we have to go. See you next week, same place, same time. Bye, and always remember that ….


When you have a positive attitude, you have a clearer and better look on life. Positivity helps bring joy and good things to your life. Ask this guy…

As we let that sink in, let’s play a short spelling bee. Spell the word…including….

what about thigh….

and finally, stomach…

Well done, we’re can now continue with our lesson.

Don’t worry, we’re still on ‘Positivity’, however this time around, as a sales skill and how it can improve your business. We’ve got a surprise for you showcasing this at the end so read on!

Being optimistic doesn’t have to be something big. A small action such as smiling is all it takes to set a good mood for your business. This beautiful girl showcases this perfectly!

Talk about a good mood. Look at these amazing guys coloring their hearts out after the lesson. Yes, the quote says,

Believe you can and you will.

We’re going optimistic above and beyond!

We can’t get enough of this moment…

We can’t stress this enough…hahaha….

It’s been a while but the sun is shining, the day is so beautiful, lets go for swimming!

Hopefully you’ve got your energy back after that tea break because it’s craft time. Time to display those craftsmanship skills.

Please explain to those who weren’t here last Saturday on the steps to take.

Now they’re ready to start their projects as they stride to catch up.

We promised there was a surprise at the end. We always keep our promises so here it is. A short skit showcasing two types of sellers as taught during the lesson.

And the moral of the story is…

We hope you enjoyed being with us, till next time, bye!


Ah, letters! There’s just something about them that brings a feel good energy and gives a trip to memory lane of some good old times.

On arrival on June 11th, The Amazing Kids received this amazing surprise in form of a letter with these beautiful drawings and words around it saying “I love Amazing Kids”.

“A letter from an old friend”

This thoughtful and kind gesture was so heartwarming to us. Probably one of the best ways to start a day. A letter from a friend who used to be part of us. Thank you Jasmine!

Not wanting to cool the high energies, we played a balloon game.

“No discipline seems pleasant at the time but painful. Later on however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.”

Hebrews 12: 11

Discipline is a key aspect of a human being. Without it there would just be disobedience and chaos. With discipline comes morality and knowledge of right and wrong. As kids, we need to understand that when we’re corrected it’s for our own good and the society at large. We shared examples and stories of indiscipline around the world and their consequences and through them learning the value of discipline.

The money lesson was on “Communication Skills.” We learnt how to speak clearly to customers as this shows confidence in what you’re selling and greatly improves the number of sales. To drive this point home, we engaged in an activity whereby we designed an ad/ poster for our business and stood in-front of the class describing what we just created.

Here’s a snippet of us doing the activity.

and here’s some short snippets of guys briefly taking us through what they’re making.

All in all, we loved the activity and the experience too which tested our creativity skills.

We then took a breather with some tea, snacks and a short entertaining video clip,

then headed to the playground.

We started a new craft project and boy were we so eager to start!

We were preparing our boards for a string art project. Once we painted them, we left them in the sun to dry for a bit.

Who said you can’t have fun in between a project? We played a short “Broken Telephone” game as we waited.

We then carried on with painting our second coat on the boards for the color to pop!

The day had quickly come to an end as we finished off with taking this amazing picture with Teacher Ruth.

We hope you enjoyed our day, we’ll leave you with this highlight of the day, bye, see you next Saturday!

Being The Bigger Person


Welcome and please take a seat over there. Don’t be shy engage with the others in completing the crossword game.

Amazing Kids doing a crossword game

After you’re done, come play this game with us. First we have to make the cutouts

then we play.

Amazing Kids playing a hand-feet game

Seems we’re all here now, gather around and let’s pray. We are so glad you’re okay and that your week was amazing. We give thanks to God for that.

Speaking of, let’s sit and talk about God for a minute. But first , let’s watch this short clip and then discuss it afterwards, okay?

Amazing Kids watching the story of Paul & Silas

Please share with us what you’ve learnt from the video. Oh, it’s about Paul and Silas? Go on, do tell, do tell!

Amazing Kids narrating the Paul & Silas story
Amazing Kids narrating the Paul & Silas story
Amazing Kids narrating the Paul & Silas story
Amazing Kids narrating the Paul & Silas story

We have some brilliant students in this class. To sum up what you just said, the lesson was on ‘Being The Bigger Person’ and we learn this through the story of Paul and Silas when they were in jail. It could have been easier for them to let the guard harm himself after imprisoning them but they didn’t. They encouraged him to live and chose not to flee so that he would not suffer the consequences thereafter. Wow what a story!

Take a breather then come back for the life-skill lesson.

Today we’re learning ‘Money Responsibility’. Join one of those groups over there and together discuss the money questions listed on the paper.Find solutions then come back together for one final discussion.

We hope your take from the lesson is the same as ours; money is finite and should be spent wisely. Good job guys, you came up with really good solutions.

Here are some picture printouts for you to color.

You’ve learnt so much and done so much so far, you deserve a break. Take some refreshers, tea and snacks.

In fact, we are so impressed, here’s an interesting short story for you to watch as you take your tea.

Amazing Kids watching ‘Hippospotamus’ clip while taking tea

Go have some fun in the field and the playground then comeback ready for the art session.

Seems you had fun, pick a brush and follow the instructions. Shouldn’t be hard at all. Give it your best and most importantly have fun.

Time to give some awards. Let’s congratulate the winners with a round of applause. They’ve done so well and come so far to win the silver badge. Makofi!

Next time we have no doubt it’ll be you up there that we’re celebrating. Keep working hard and doing good, we believe you’ll do it!

Our day has finally come to an end, go home safely. Have a good week and see you back here next week, same place same time bye!

Trivia anyone?

As we all know by now, Amazing Kids sessions are always fun and creative. The Saturday of 21st May was no different.

First warm up with us for a minute. Do it with a little style if you can.

Trivia often push us to think just a little harder, a little smarter, and this one was no different. Time for a challenge, let us test you to see if you can solve these trivia. We believe you can do it! Okay let’s go!

What do you call a female deer?

Okay, second question, how many hearts does an octopus have?

Third question, which bird can fly backwards?

And to our final challenge, brace yourself, this could be a tough one. Which animals are trained by the US army to disarm under-water mines?

Did you get any correct? We hope you did and also learnt something new if you didn’t.

The devotion rolled on to a video clip and discussion on Bartimaeus. We learnt the value of speaking out. Just like Bartimaeus did till Jesus heard him and healed him from his blindness. We learnt that no matter how many times people push you down and insist that your opinion isn’t worthy to be heard, to keep fighting this negativity and speak out.

‘Be a Little Skeptical: Don’t Buy Everything You See’ was our lesson of the day. Amidst this advertisement world, we are bound to finally cave in to companies’ marketing strategies and end up buying stuff we don’t really need. In this lesson we tackled all that and several ways to avoid this advertisement trap.

Guys were elated to finally get a breather in the field

and then share some snacks and stories even.

They also got a chance to practice a dance to be showcased during the presentation.

We know you know what time it is, Art Time! We made leaf cutouts and also painted the sun. The project was nearing to its end. The following Saturday we would put this all together to form one nice painting.

The long awaited presentations were finally here, and guys didn’t dilly-dally any further to show us the dance they had been practicing during the day.

And of course the weekly highlight came from the presentations, this talented amazing girl over here wowed us all for sure!

14th of May

Painting, games, learning, fun and games were all the highlights of this day. Follow along to experience it too, through us of course🙂.

Did you know that King Saul was Israel’s first King? This we learnt during the devotion in the morning. However, the main theme was on his success and failure. How after being so renown and praised by his people he fell due to his disobedience towards God.

Did we mention we played some games?

a lot of games.

We even played musical chairs

Still continuing with our theme on money, we learnt ‘Money Comes To Those Who Wait.’ That is, having patience when finances are involved and most importantly avoiding the ‘Buy Now Pay Later Mentality’ which could lead to a rabbit hole of debts in future.

To challenge ourselves if we had surely learnt something from the lesson, we had this discussion.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We had plenty of time after to go outside, have a breather, play in the playground and field and also bond with our friends. After which we were so hungry and went ahead to take our snacks and tea back in class.

Art sessions always bring a different vibe with them. In our case, it brings out the creativity, focus, attention to detail and most importantly the team-work skills in us.

We prepared our canvases accordingly, for our first goal of the lesson

then dove straight into painting for step 2.

The day was a success. We learnt and achieved our goals for the day. Prayers from 4 amazing kids were held as we departed thereafter with our parents for home.