The Royal Experience

On the 9th of April, The Amazing Kids Club decided to pay a visit to the Royal Golf Club. Little did we know that this would be a fun packed day full of exciting activities that we would not forget.

Guys arrived at the venue in time for the morning Zumba-warm up exercise.

Having warmed up those muscles guys were ready for the actual dance lesson.

Water break!

The guys then engaged in a small game to raise their energies once again

before deciding to have a go at the gym.

Now came the best segment. Or to say it in their own words, “Highlight of the day.” It was time for the team building games. The facilitator in charge divided us into two groups: Team Pink and Team Yellow. These 2 teams were to go against each other in the games that follow.

First was the relay racing

then the ring toss

then filling the bottle

and finally a tag of war.

And of course the monkeys too were in full attendance.

Whew! Now that was fun!

It was time for the guys to take a break. Guys had a starter snack and tea and then a delicious lunch thereafter.

They then headed for swimming and finally ended the day with a nice painting session.

See fun as promised. Guys were sad to see Amazing Kids leave and wondered if they would have another Amazing Kids fun day. The Amazing Kids gave them a sound, straight answer “YES!”

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