Our Facilitators


I’m a dance instructor with an experience of over 8years. Having been trained as a professional performer from safari park hotel I have represented my country in the tourism department going to show case the cultural richness of our country in various destinations.
As a trainer I focus on four major techniques which include: modern performance, introduction to ballet, jazz, contemporary skills and fitness skills. While my emphasis is on correct techniques and form I also stress on the importance of creativity, personal expression, dance history in an attempt to mold the student into a well rounded artists regardless of there level of involvement.
I specifically use gospel music as my tool of engagement to tap on the spiritual growth and my anchor is on Psalm 149:3.
As a result I have come up with spiritual dance which involves modern dance, ballet, contemporary and African dance movements all guided by one spirit. The movements can be described as soft and angelic.


I’m the craft instructor at the Amazing Kids Club. I also double as one of the life coaches who trains the kids to spiritual development, character formation and confidence building.
I an an Analytical Chemist by profession, but my passion for dealing with kids far out-weighs my profession. I have experience with dealing with kids as I have been a practicing Sunday school teacher at my church for over 6 years. Also, as a young man myself, I am better suited to understand and relate to issues teenagers are facing today. I am driven by seeing progressive improvement in every child I work with, to becoming a confident, God-fearing and optimistic human being.
I am a self-taught artist with a specialization in origami and paper crafts, DIY projects, mosaic art, string art, decors and so much more. Most of my projects are in line with the themes of recycling old otherwise useless items into beautiful works of art.


Programmer, Artist and Psychologist.
Graduated in 2019 in Kenyatta University with a degree in Counselling Psychology.
Through my bachelor’s, I have been able to counsel and work with people of all ages. Of which, I came to the realization that children are my most preferable group to work with. I just love being around children.
Through my talent in art I have been able to venture into different art styles and mediums like: paintings, ballpoint-pen and pencil realism, fabric painting, spray painting and collage. I’m still adventuring in the creative world of art. I believe that the only limitation you can have in art is only your imagination.
My goal is to mentor kids to be the best version of themselves now and when they are older. To not only be a light among fellow human beings but also pleasing in the eyes of God.


I am passionate about children and Amazing Kids offers a platform where we can mentor them and influence a future generation. I have worked with children for the last 7 years in different set ups such as schools, church and clubs.

l am a diploma holder in Early Childhood Education (ECDE). I am currently the worship leader at Nairobi Chapel Kiambu Road Church.


I am a born again Christian, who has a certificate in both secretarial and counselling. Working with children has been my passion since I was young. My knowledge in counselling has always assisted me to mentor children both in church and at Amazing kids. I also teach the word of God through devotion because I am a strong believer that the word of God can shape one’s character.