Brief Introduction

Center of Creativity Services is a Christian and positive values based organization. We offer solutions that enrich, empower and transform lives as they go through a life cycle.

Under the Center, we have Amazing Kids Creative which deals with the children and teen’s programs and Amazing Personalities which deals with the youth, adults and the seniors programs.

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Our Vision

“We are the number one choice of change in empowering, equipping and enriching lives”

Our Mission

“To identify unmet needs of people and design enriching, empowering and transformational programs that add value and make a remarkable difference and impact in their lives”.


  • Integrity

In CCS, we know integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching. It is the practice of being honest and showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values. It is being ready to pay the price of restoring integrity when we falls short no matter the consequences

  • Dependable and Reliable

For people to embrace us as a value based company, we keep our word and maintain high standards in our operations. Our clients can depend on us to continually deliver and meet their expectations each time

  • Passion

We have mastery on what we do and are passionate to deliver on our promise at all times

  • Diversity

We believe in reaching and touching the lives of people from different backgrounds. Our programs: forums, conference, workshops, camps, and other events are designed to accommodate diversity our driving force being godly positive values. We are very intentional that our services are designed to cater for all age groups

  • Pro-active and Consistent

We believe in thinking ahead and looking for solutions in any situation

  • Innovation

We believe there is always another way of doing things and operate in an environment that promote and encourages new ideas giving a platform for people to discover their talents.

  • Courage:-

We boldly do what is right with bravery

Our Services

Center of Amazing personalities

  • Amazing youth programs
  • Adults programs
  • Seniors program

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