14th of May

Painting, games, learning, fun and games were all the highlights of this day. Follow along to experience it too, through us of coursešŸ™‚. Did you know that King Saul was Israel's first King? This we learnt during the devotion in the morning. However, the main theme was on his success and failure. How after being … Continue reading 14th of May

The Royal Experience

On the 9th of April, The Amazing Kids Club decided to pay a visit to the Royal Golf Club. Little did we know that this would be a fun packed day full of exciting activities that we would not forget. Guys arrived at the venue in time for the morning Zumba-warm up exercise. https://youtu.be/DQ-h4GIWdSI Having … Continue reading The Royal Experience


Hello and welcome back. We hope you had a lovely week. Today is the 19th of February, 2022. Let us take you through the day. We arrive at the club at 8:30 am, sign in then say hi to our friends and teachers as usual. On this morning though, Teacher Ruth asks us to each … Continue reading 19TH OF FEBRUARY

Our Little Adventure

Let me tell you a story of an adventure experience by The Amazing Kids. It is the 27th of November, 2021; spoiler alert, it is a lot of fun! First, let's pray before we embark on this adventurous journey. Before we leave for our first stop of the day, we are graced with a pleasant … Continue reading Our Little Adventure

This November  2019 Holidays, Amazing Kids under Center of Creativity Services has another exciting Amazing Kids/Teens 2 nights and 3 days self-empowerment camp Dates? 13th - 15th November 2019:     Where? Scripture Missions Karen: Ages? Groups-   Kids:  7- 12 and Teens: Ages 13-17 (groups trained separately) Camp theme: - ā€œTaking Action on the direction of my lifeā€ … Continue reading