The Hands on Special: The Cooking, Safety and First Aid Experience

Hello again. This is day 2 of the December Special ‘Hands on Experience’. Today the kids will learn about hard-work, cooking, personal safety and basic first aid.

First, the kids learn about hard-work. A continuation of last week’s lesson. Today’s focus;

Proverbs 13:4
		"No matter how much a lazy person may want something, he will never get it. A hard-worker will get everything he wants."

The kids then move on to the cooking class. Today, we make a sandwich

and 2 different types of burgers.

The kids take a breather from the lessons. They take tea with snacks and the sandwiches and burgers they helped make earlier during the cooking class. They also get to play and have fun at the playground.

The kids are now ready to learn all about security and safety skills to have as a kid. They learn things like:

  • Not talking to strangers
  • When in trouble, screaming so as to draw attention and get help
  • Not answering calls from strangers and unknown numbers
  • not picking metallic substances on the road, since they could be explosives

Here are some short snippets of the safety lesson.

The kids then thank the safety skills speaker for a job well done. They quickly then transition to the final lesson of the day; First Aid. During this lesson, they learn how to:

use a gauze

help someone who is choking

and how to perform CPR

Thank you First Aid instructor for teaching us these incredibly useful tips of how to take care of ourselves and others when injured.

Having reached the end of our amazing day, I have to say that it really was a fruitful one indeed. We’ve learnt a lot and we look forward to putting it into practice.

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