The Hands on Special: The Cooking and House-keeping Experience

Hello there. On 4th, 11th and 18th December, The Amazing Kids embark on a special program aimed at teaching kids skills like; gardening, cooking, first aid, etiquette, housekeeping and sports. I’ll take you through the 4th of December and the activities the kids engaged in on this day.

The first activity of the day was the life-skill lesson. The kids learnt about hard-work. The emphasis of the lesson, Colossians 3:23.

From there, the kids rolled their sleeves ready to both learn and get involved in the cooking lesson ahead.

First, the chef tested their knowledge on cooking essentials.

Then came the practical stuff. There was slicing,


and dicing.

Shortly after, the kids got to learn how to make 4 different types of eggs namely; boiled egg, scrambled egg, fried egg and an omelette. They got the chance to help the chef prepare the eggs and also use the capsicums, tomatoes and onions they had diced earlier in making the omelette. Once ready, the kids shared the eggs among themselves as a congratulatory gesture for their hard-work.

Egg anyone?

After a little egg-eating and little tea break, the kids were ready for their next activity; house-keeping. They were taught how to properly make their beds. They even got to try what they had learnt, look!

Some of them really proud of their accomplishments.

By using detergents, they also learnt to clean various surfaces like tables

and mirrors.

After a few hours of cooking and cleaning, the kids finally sat down for a few minutes to fill a quiz on all they had learnt during the day. With that, the day had finally come to an end, with each kid going home having learnt something new, may it be in cooking, house-keeping or even both.

And finally the day is over, but before we go home we write down the many lessons we have learnt through out the day

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