The Hands on Special: The Art and Gardening Experience

The last day of the ‘Hands on Experience’ program. This day however, is special, read along to find out why.

On this day we not only have the awesome company of the amazing kids but also the amazing parents joined us for a day planned to be full of fun and learning.

To break the ice Teacher Elijah entertains us with the ‘Concentration Game’. Some kids already have “a know how” of the game so they join Tr. Elijah in teaching the parents the game.

We also play other games like this one in particular where Tr. Elijah gives you an alphabet and from that you guess a country or a living thing whose name starts with that alphabet.

After the ice breakers, the parents and kids get a chance to introduce themselves so as to create a good rapport with others going forward throughout the day.

Some of the kids are itching to inform the parents what they had learnt during the previous Hands on Special day: the First Aid Experience.

It’s time for warm up. Time to stretch those muscles.

We even manage to pull out some classic dance moves to use as our warm up exercises.

Having warmed up our bodies and minds, we are ready to learn. Here we learnt about gardening; the what is, hows and what nots.

The best thing about the gardening lesson was the fact that you learnt as you were practically doing it just like the other Hands on Special Experiences and of course the amazing pictures.

Wooah! Talk about learning and having fun at the same time. The trees were ours to keep, our little ‘babies’ to take home, watch over and take care of till they were big and tall to grow on their own. Talk about transforming amazing kids to be amazing parents.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Let’s play another game. This one’s called Day and Night. Teacher Kelvin divides everyone into two groups; one Team Day the other Team Night. He then issues some illustration cut-outs, the goal; Team Day to identify day illustrations while Team Night identifies night illustrations. Team Day manages to get a slight advantage and sneak away with the win but all in all we were all winners.

Having learnt and played for a while, it’s time to refresh our energy with tea and snacks. Guys take a tea break but it turns out to be more than they had imagined. There is a birthday cake! What a nice surprise! We celebrate all the birthdays of the amazing kids and parents who were born in the last quarter of the year.

After having ourselves a yummy birthday cake it’s finally time for art. For this art project, Teacher Kelvin divides us into four groups each with one framed canvas to work on. Each group is to paint in a unique style different from the rest and at the end of it all bring the four canvases together to make one painting. Talk about being creative! This here is group 1,

this is group 2,

this is group 3

and finally this is group 4.

Through teamwork we finally finish the project and this is what we made. I love how each canvas is unique and when they all come together fit beautifully into one art piece.

We are almost coming to the end of our day, one last fun activity left; exchanging gifts. Yes, we each carried a gift with us from home to come exchange with others in celebration of Christmas. We play a gift game where we form a circle, gifts placed near our feet and dance around till the music stops. Wherever you stopped, the gift near you is the gift you carry home with you. Here’s a small snippet of the game.

What a day! Gardening, dancing, art, birthday, playing, gifting all in one day? Now that’s what I call a fun day. Since it’s almost Christmas, we decide to sing some Christmas carols in our own little wonderful way.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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