March 26th


Thank you for joining us yet again on another Amazing Kids program. Sign here to show that you’re present and then let’s join the others for the devotion.

Today’s theme is on greediness. We learn about the parable Jesus gave about the rich fool who was obsessed with gaining wealth and storing so much for himself that he told himself eat, drink and be merry. God calls him a fool because he invested so much here on earth and failed to consider the heavenly things. Later that night he died leaving all he had boasted about behind. We learn that as kids, in order to be wise, we need not be selfish but always love, care and share what we have with others. (Luke 12:13-21)

Teacher Elijah’s warm up game seems to be so much fun, let’s try it.

That was fun wouldn’t you agree? Hey look, Teacher Moses is already here. You know what that means, dance time!

I hope you’re ready for the life-skill lesson. Pick a seat and join me on this table and let’s learn all about wants and needs.

We learn that needs are necessities we cannot live without. That is, they are things we need to survive. But wants are things that make our lives more comfortable but we can afford not to have.

Let’s do this exercise on the page on grouping items into needs and wants then present our last week assignment of the chores we agreed with other parents to do and get paid for.

The money will be saved and used in setting up our small businesses in June.

Philippians 4:19. But my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

From this life-skill bible verse, we learn that as long as we trust in God, He will work to provide for our needs.

Let’s head out for swimming. I hope you brought with you your swimming costume.

I really enjoyed the swimming. Now however, is time for the craft project, so let’s focus.

Just like last Saturday, today there are some more Bronze medal winners, so let’s congratulate them too for their achievement.

Sadly, this is where we pray and then depart. I hope you had fun with us and hope to see you back here again next week. Bye!

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