March 19th

Amazing right! That was a nice surprise our friends had for us when we arrived in the morning, probably a spoiler alert of how the day would turn out.

The devotion was fantastic! On the theme of responsibility and courage, we got to be entertained with a nice story about David from our teacher. Here’s a snippet.

Right before the dance we decided to engage in a fun warm up session.

After which we were now ready for the actual dance lesson.

Talk about breaking a sweat.

The day’s life skill lesson was a continuation on the introduction to financial literacy.

Time to take our snacks and tea arrived right on time. It turned out to be a fun one as Teacher Elijah engaged us in an intriguing bible trivia segment.

After the tea break we headed straight to the playground to have some more fun for a while then headed back to class to do our craft project.

Having completed the craft objective of the day, we swiftly shifted our attention to the awarding session. These were the guys who had currently achieved their bronze badges also known at Amazing Kids as the first 20 points of good behavior. For this, they received their gifts for achieving this milestone. We were so proud of them!

The presentations followed and they didn’t disappoint. The focus of the day was on posture and audibility.

The program had come to an end and so we did our closing prayers together. Some of us were picked up right away by their parents and headed home while those left awaiting to be picked up got to enjoy this exciting game called “Cup.

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