Our Programs

Amazing Kids and Teens Club 

Takes place every Saturday at Parklands Sports club at 8:30 am-1:00 pm. 

The club focuses on character formation through inculcation of positive values and training on creativity activities to enable them to:-

  • Discover talents (Art, Craft, drawing, Music, Dancing, Singing, Acting, poetry, swimming, sports)
  • Build their confidence, enhance self esteem, create great friendships/Relationships , and make them take responsibility for their lives
  • Learn about money and investments and can join an investment club started for the kids


The kids club membership per month is Kshs. 6000;

“Come and See” Saturday- Kshs. 1650/-

Amazing kids club T-shirt: Kshs. 500 for the

Registration: Kshs. 500

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