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Creative Day Campers

Amazing Kids/ Teens 2 Nights and  3 Days Adventurous Naivasha Camp

Ages- 7 to 17 Years ( Different classes)

Date- 5th – 7th April 2022

Venue Elsamere Conservation Center & Lodge Naivasha and a day at the “Crescent Island Game Sanctuary”.

Dear Parents,
The March /April school holidays are soon going to be with us, and they are long!!! Center of Creativity services has organized two powerful camps, Camp one: Residential and Camp two, a daily one (nonresidential). The camps are filled with opportunities for the children to learn and participate in these powerful programs to make a remarkable difference in both the kids and teens.

Theme:Stay The  Course”

Camp Bible Verses:  Jeremiah 29:11 & Psalms 56: 3-4

Camp objective:

With so many disruptions, those who know who they are, and who they belong to, will not give up and throw the towel. Instead, they will stay on course and achieve their dreams.

In this camp the young participants will learn the strategies and actions to take, and through the lessons, be equipped with tools to help them navigate through the challenging times, be equipped with tools to stay on course and be victorious.


Part One- The Changeless, Constant Power!

Part Two-

  • Who am I? Identity
  • Where am I going?  Dreams
  • How do I get there? Goals
  • How do I stay on course?
    • My Values
    • My Standards
    • My choices
    • My Decisions
    • My Strategies
    • My Actions
    • My Attitudes
    • My Habits

Adventurous and challenging moments to build muscle to help stay on course

Training Methodology- experiential, adventure   

  • Boating experience on Lake Naivasha
  • Visit to Crescent Island Sanctuary
  • Guided walk into the sanctuary
  • A visit to the Joy Adamson Museum
  • Bonfire
  • Sporting and indoor games

An award winning challenge

Expected Benefits-

At the end of the camp, the participants will be expected to:-

  • Have a confidence boost
  • Achieved high enthusiasm about their dreams
  • Self-challenge oneself to be the best
  • Adapt some habits of success
  • Not to give in to peer pressure
  • Have developed an attitude of taking responsibility
  • Have readiness in taking up challenges

Your Investment:  Kshs 17,500/=

Bookings open :

  • Book with a deposit of 30% before 22nd March 2022 and enjoy a discount
  • Further discount for booking of more than 2 participants

Registration closing date: 31st March 2022

Contact: 0729713775

Website: www.amazingkidskenya

Facebook: amazingkidzkenya

Amazing Kids and Teens Creative Day Campers

Ages: 515 years

Time: 8.30 am to 1.30 pm every week


Week 1: 14th to18th March

Week 2: 21st to 25th March

Week 3: 28th to 1st April

Week 4: 4th to 8th April

Venue: Parklands Sports Club

Theme- “Variety is the Name of The Game”

Bible verses:

Exodus 36:1 & Philippians 4:13

Yes, the holidays are long!  Fortunately, we have got your back covered.

Camp Objective:

Is to have programs running per week with different topics and activities to bring out the best in the participants with a tangible result every week.

Program- Divided into weeks

Life and Social skills – Identity, values, leadership, excellency, relationship, hard work, etiquette, career

Creativity- Bead work, Art and Craft using recycled materials

 Performance Art- Gymnastics, Dance, Singing,

 Music, Poetry, Public speaking and

A performance talent challenge

Building Spirituality- Devotions, Bible reading and memory verses, watching clips

Wellbeing- Sports and  outdoor games

Survival Skills– Cooking, security, first aid, housekeeping

 and gardening

Adventure- Some days with adventure plots within Nairobi

Fun day with a Treasure hunt


Challenging talent and creative projects to bring out group and individual creativity

An award for winning challenge

Training Methodology:

Indoor lessons,  experiential learning invited guests with practical application

Expected Benefits- At the end of the camp, the participants will be expected to:-

  • Have learnt and achieved  new skills
  • Build new amazing relationships
  • Have enhanced confidence
  • Have developed an attitude of taking responsibility
  • Have readiness in taking up challenges

Your Investment: Kshs 7,500/-  per week

Bookings are now open.

A discount for more than two participants

Contact: 0729713775

Website: www.amazingkidskenya

Facebook: amazingkidzkenya

The Hands on Experience

This December, Amazing Kids Club takes a hands-on approach with Basics on:- Cooking, First-Aid, Safety and Self-defense, Gardening, Arts & Craft and so much more.
It’s a fun experiential program where kids will be impacted for life.
Dates: 4th, 11th and 18th December 2021
“Rescue Tomorrow Today”

Dear Parents,

The Holidays are here with us, and they are long. Center of creativity Services has your back. Through Amazing Kids/teens clubs, we have organized exciting programs:-

  1. The Big Leap Pre-High School seminar
  2. Survival kit for the kids
  3. Amazing Kids and Teens Club
    For more information, call us on 0729713775

The Big Leap

Amazing Teens Pre- High School 2 days Seminar

Are you a Parent or guardian who has a teenager who is soon transiting from primary to High school? If yes, we have good News—Center of Creativity Services has organized

Why? Transition is a big leap where change is expected in utterly all areas of their lives, e.g.

  • New school environment, ,
  • new relationships,,
  • new responsibilities,
  • change from being the most senior in primary to being the most junior in high school, freedom,  
  • bullying,
  • higher demand on performance,
  • body changes

The list is endless –The change need to be well managed

Transitions not well managed pose a risk to students’ well-being, their self-esteem, and can affect their future schooling and essentially who they become in the future. However a successful start of this new journey will ensure a triumphant finish.

Prepare· Expectation vs reality· To be forewarned is to be prepared· Testimonials· Change

Conquer· Bullying ‘You cannot dominate what you cannot intimidate’ ‘Hurt people hurt others’ Friends ‘You are the sum total of your closest friends’ Peer pressure. Strategy. Tips
Start Be yourself, everyone else is taken. Vision board and my goals. Standards and values. Choices and Decisions Triumphant finish·  Eye on the ball·  Determination·  Captain of my ship 

Seminar methodology:- Class facilitation, guest speakers, testimonials, discussions, Clips, action plans

Where? Parklands Sports Club, Ojijo road:

Time:    8:30 Am to 4:30 Pm

Cost:       Kshs 7,800 /- inclusive of lunch

“Enriching lives today and tomorrow”

Center of Creativity Services

Holiday Day Camp

Amazing Kids Survival Kit

Center of Creativity Services through Amazing kids club have organized and exciting April Holidays program called
“Survival kit” a practical program dealing with those critical life issues that can make a difference in your kid’s life.

From the COVID-19 experience, we know the unexpected can happen and sometimes it can be disastrous, hence the importance of equipping your kid with these basics so handy for survival— Enroll your teen to this exciting program—

“Rescue Tomorrow Today”

Amazing Kids and Teens Club 

Takes place every Saturday at Parklands Sports club at 8:30 am-1:00 pm. 

The club focuses on character formation through inculcation of positive values and training on creativity activities to enable them to:-

  • Discover talents (Art, Craft, drawing, Music, Dancing, Singing, Acting, poetry, swimming, sports)
  • Build their confidence, enhance self esteem, create great friendships/Relationships , and make them take responsibility for their lives
  • Learn about money and investments and can join an investment club started for the kids


The kids club membership per month is Kshs. 6000;

“Come and See” Saturday- Kshs. 1650/-

Amazing kids club T-shirt: Kshs. 500 for the

Registration: Kshs. 500


Every school holiday, programs for children ages 4 to 19 years with a main focus of training the children on different Life skills to develop habits of success through:

  • Field trips or exciting events organized for the children to learn and have adventure-April and June
  • Creative camps and Strategic workshops with experiential learning – August
  • Camping experiences-December

 Dates: – 2nd or 3rd Week after schools close

Topics/Cost/venue- communicated 6 weeks before the holiday event

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