Highlight of The Week

Gia jokingly answering that the “R” in SMART goals stands for “Rabbit”! It still cracks me up even now, that was a good one Gia.

Aria showcasing her special ability to “photo-bomb” pictures and lighten the mood.

Guys having too much fun during their first 2022 dance lesson

Prominent Assistants leading the class during the Dance Lesson

Entrepreneurship lesson wise conversations

The kids enjoying swimming

The kids enjoying a game of ‘Cup’ at the end of the program

The Kids presenting their agreement on chores with their parents and how much they’ll get paid for it. The money earned will be used to set up their small businesses in June.

Listen to her beautiful voice

Showing off some gymnastic skills

Ready, set, CUP!!

Amazing Kids’ Day at the museum

Singing of the goodness of God

Business Idea: Ela Dream Elsa

Business Idea: Lavari Sacara

Business Idea: My Bonique

The Business Pitch

The Business Logos

Psalms 37:4: Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.