The Big Leap

Amazing Teens Pre- High School 2 days Seminar

Are you a Parent or guardian who has a teenager who is soon transiting from primary to High school? If yes, we have good News—Center of Creativity Services has organized

The Pre-High School 2 days Seminar on 20th and 21st July titled

“The Big Leap”

Why? Transition is a big leap where change is expected in utterly all areas of their lives, e.g.

  • New school environment, ,
  • new relationships,,
  • new responsibilities,
  • change from being the most senior in primary to being the most junior in high school, freedom,  
  • bullying,
  • higher demand on performance,
  • body changes,

The list is endless –The change need to be well managed

Transitions not well managed pose a risk to students’ well-being, their self-esteem, and can affect their future schooling and essentially who they become in the future. However a successful start of this new journey will ensure a triumphant finish.

Prepare· Expectation vs reality· To be forewarned is to be prepared· Testimonials· Change

Conquer· Bullying ‘You cannot dominate what you cannot intimidate’ ‘Hurt people hurt others’ Friends ‘You are the sum total of your closest friends’ Peer pressure. Strategy. Tips
Start Be yourself, everyone else is taken. Vision board and my goals. Standards and values. Choices and Decisions Triumphant finish·  Eye on the ball·  Determination·  Captain of my ship 

Seminar methodology:- Class facilitation, guest speakers, testimonials, discussions, Clips, action plans

Where? Parklands Sports Club, Ojijo road:

Time:    8:30 Am to 4:30 Pm

Cost:       Kshs 7,800 /- inclusive of lunch

Payments to: pay bill No 247 247 Account 0766614869
CCS Team0729 713 775 T: @CreativityCentr Facebook: Amazing Kids Kenya W: Enriching Lives Today And Tomorrow~

Amazing Kids and Teens Club

Parents/guardians out there,

Be deliberate in making a difference in your kids and teens life!! Help them stand out!!

At the Amazing Kids and Teens club we work towards:-   

  • Unfolding their talents through, art, craft, music, dance and, hands on challenging projects that make them think out solutions creatively.
  • Equipping and empowering them with life and social skills that build their confidence and enhance relationships.
  • Shaping their character through inculcation of positive and godly values which are so critical for character formation in this competitive world.

Topics to impact

Habits of Successful Leaders

  • Empathy
  • Decision Making
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Influence
  • Delegation
  • Assertiveness
  • Planning
  • Proactivity
  • Positive Attitude
  • Solution finding
  • Recognizing Others

The program costs is a monthly fee of Ksh 6,000/- while the one session fee is Ksh 1650/-

Payments are to be made through paybill no. 247247 Account number 0766614869

To enroll click here