Amazing Kids Club

Welcome to Amazing kids, a place where children discover their talents in a free, fun environment with positive values and excel. We are under Center of Creativity Services, a Christian and positive values based Organization

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What do we offer? We offer different solutions that entail:

Life-skills training

We take the kids through weekly trainings that develop character, confidence, and proper skills necessary for life

Spiritual development


What are the Benefits of Arts and Crafts for Kids

  • Develop fine Motor skills– Most arts and craft projects involve moving the hands and fingers which improves the overall muscle strength and control over movements
  • Improves Hand-Eye Coordination– The more the children practice, the better their hand-eye coordination. This will help them in almost all walks of life.
  • Promotes innovation and creativity– Arts and crafts provide a platform for the kids to create new things.
  • Helps in Socializing-Interacting with other children with the same interests gives the kids the opportunity to socialize and build friendships.


Dance Practice
  • Gain Greater Self-Confidence– The freedom to express themselves through movement and show casing themselves before others helps the kids gain
  • Build Social Strength– Learning how to dance is that it allows your child to become more comfortable socially.
  • Increase Fitness & Activity!– This makes a fun way to get your child fit without them even knowing it. It keeps them active and engaged, and ensures that they are going to be getting fit and into the finest shape possible.
  • Build Stronger Teamwork– It requires an understanding of your partner’s movements. With the help of this teamwork, your child will be far more likely to understand the importance of working as a team together.
  • Improve Listening & Discipline!– Your child will get a huge amount out of taking on dance lessons purely from the discipline point of view, as well. This makes them more inclined to listen to instructions, to not always expect their own way
  • Increase Enjoyment & Fun!


Fun and Enjoyment

Public speaking

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