The Confidence Energizer Day Camp

Amazing Kids and Teens Four Days, April 2023

Dates? 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th 2023

  • Where?  Different locations
  • Ages?  Kids:  7- 12 and Teens: Ages 13-17 (groups trained separately)

Theme of the Camp: “Be you and standout”

 What is to be covered during the 4 days camp?

Day One- Paradise lost

Finding the treasure within – 2 Corinthians 4:7

  •   Self-awareness
  •   Facing my giants
  •   I am a masterpiece
  • What is in my box

Day Two– Karura Forest and Parklands Sports Club

Boost Confidence- (Lessons from Nehemiah)



My Call

Team work


Mission accomplishment

Day Three – Kenya National Museums

Public Speaking challenge

  • Creativity:- see and  report
  • Fun moments

Day Four – Parklands Sports Club

  •  My Habits
  •  My Believes  Outdoor games, swimming
  •  wrap up

Benefits of training the kids and teens to be confident

  • To know that God created them special and for a purpose
  • To build and enhance their self-confidence
  • To help them learn to stay the course no matter the challenges
  • To help them build meaningful relationships
  • They will become more focused and improve in their school work/grades.
  • They will become more innovative in the way they approach things.
  • They will become more responsible and accountable

Training methodology and Activities

Experiential learning, plus

Boat riding, water fall, caves and different locations experience swimming, fun outdoor games, challenge moments, and excitement!!

Drop points by parents

  • Day one:  Parklands Sports Club
  • Day Two:  Parklands Sports Club
  • Day Three: Kenya National Museums
  • Day Four: Parklands Sports Club

Investment: kshs 15,500/- PP which is all inclusive (facilitation, material, entry fees, meals, transport from Parklands Sports Club.)

Book immediately with a 30% deposit, enjoy a 2 % discount. Last date enrolment with full payment is 20th April 2023

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