Launching The Business

All our effort for the whole season was building up to this day, and the moment was finally here with us. The main reason for having a business idea, branding it, looking for a slogan, creating a logo and looking for funds to start it was all for this moment. To start it and earn some money from it.

Guys came in ready in the morning prepared with their well furnished final business pitch, like a shark tank approach and with a couple of some sample products to sell after the business pitch to kick start their businesses.

You might be wondering why they needed to have a furnished business pitch. Well, so that it they would be held responsible for what they promised to do and also serve as a reminder for them as to why they started the business in the first place, in case they got lost or things got hard down the road. It was also a proclamation of what each one of them had made up their mind to do, a sign of confidence in themselves and a step closer towards financial freedom and growth. If they could gain this at such a tender age, with God leading the way, this guys would be unstoppable in life.

As much as words are powerful, in our case that was only half the journey. We needed some proof that guys were all what they said they were. Guys needed to bring their A game and by that we mean, actually bringing out their sample products and selling to their friends and the class at large. When most businesses launch, there tends to be some ribbon cutting, balloon decorations, amazing product discounts et cetera et cetera. But for our case, guys came with their wallets packed to support their friends’ businesses. This way guys who launched their businesses got a taste of the reward you get for running a business. This was for the aim of motivating the business starters to keep at it and also congratulate them for launching their businesses. Basically supporting each other. Amazing isn’t it? Some customers actually got a worth for their money and were very grateful to the seller and the amazing product their business sold.

You probably thought we were joking when we learnt about calculation skills in our previous lesson didn’t you? Here’s a snippet of guys actually doing some business calculations to know how much change they should give to a customer.

With guys finally launching their long awaited businesses, we’ve got to say that the future looks bright for them. We can’t wait to see what becomes of their businesses in the near future. Keep on guys!

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