Pitching The Business

Have you ever been in a position where you were expected to give a presentation? If so, what did you do? Did you wait for the last day and just gave the speech or did you prepare for it in front of a mirror with yourself or in front of your friends and family? Taking the smart guess here,the latter is the way you chose, right?

Knowing that they had to bring their business ideas into fruition and start selling, the Amazing Kids prepared to pitch their businesses in front of their friends.

Let’s have a moment for some real talk. Having an idea and believing in it is actually very important. However, this is only half the journey. You have to create a point where reality meets with your dreams. If the idea stays in your head, then it will always be a dream, a what if. However, if you pick the bold route of bringing your idea to the world then you my friend are a winner, a conqueror.

You might be wondering why we are telling you all this. Well, in order to see your business idea become successful for real, you have to bring it to reality, tell people about it, gather all the necessary things it requires and start. If your dream business is for example, a cookie selling shop, think of all the things your business needs like dough, stands, kitchenware, packaging etc. then go get these stuff and start.

Another important aspect is your answer to a customer’s question, “Why should I buy from you and not the others.” What makes your business different from the rest? Maybe you could answer that your business is different because every grain of cookie you make is made out of love. Or that your business supports a greater cause like charity and any sales made from your business, a share of it goes out to help those in need. This separates you from the rest and helps people back you up and relate to you. Or better yet, have that emotional connection with your business because they feel that it has a soul, a purpose.

Now, in conclusion, before going out to the world and starting your business, we recommend doing all we’ve discussed here and then pitching the idea; to yourself and to your family members and friends. Doing so helps you straighten out some rough edges in your business before pitching it to the whole world. Your family and friends will correct you in care and kindness unlike the world where the criticism can be harsher.

Of course by now you know that here at Amazing Kids we’re all about the walk as much as the talk. So, in their own amazing way, guys gathered the courage to pitch their businesses to their friends and answered the question, “Why should I buy from you and not the others?” Take a look!

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