Creating a Business Name

One of the things people pay little attention to but is actually very important, is a business name. A catchy or creative business name can bring you more customers, create a brand and improve your business in general.

Now you might be wondering why you would waste your time figuring out what to call your business when you could be using that time for more important things like say, marketing. Well, we will give you three good reasons why.

Number one; a good business name can make your business stand out from the crowd. Let’s face it, you won’t be the only person in town selling cookies, lemonade, clothes, shoes etc. Therefore, knowing this, what will separate you from the rest is, you guessed it, your business name (among other things of course). Be creative, it truly does pay off. When other hair servicing businesses give their businesses the generic name Salon, you can choose to call yours Color and Curls. See the difference it makes, even by saying it out loud, it really sounds different, and people will appreciate that.

Number two; a good business name will attract more customers which ultimately leads to more sales which is exactly what you want from your business. Take for example our business name, Amazing Kids. It’s very catchy. A kid walking by and sees our banner will be like “Hmmm, now that’s a unique name, I wonder what this club is all about because I also would like to be an Amazing Kid.” If you’re not offering a service like us and you’re more in the selling goods sector, a good business name like “Zoe’s Bakery” or “Small Giants” would surely peek people’s interest and attract them to your shop and buy from you.

Lastly, after your business name has done all that it’s supposed to, by attracting more and more customers, you find yourself having built a brand. Your business will now be known all over even by those who’ve never visited your shop. People now know who you are and trust what you have to offer through the massive customer base you have. They also yearn to visit your shop one day and be part of the brand culture your business has created. This way you get to have loyal customers. Think of brand businesses like KFC, Pizza Inn, Java, LC Waikiki, Two Rivers Mall, Starbucks and so many more.

I hope by now you are well convinced of creating some time to come up with that creative business name your business desperately needs. If your business ends up blowing up due to what you just learnt here, just make sure to give us a shout out while you’re in that TV interview, we sure won’t mind 😉.

Just as we have with you, we also shared these business name tips with the Amazing Kids. So, before you leave, take a minute to watch this video of them sharing about their business names. Enjoy!

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