To some, it means giving it your all, to others, putting in a lot of effort into something and to others it plain out means determination. And to these people we totally agree!

We asked the amazing kids the same question and this is what they had to say, in their own simple way.

Question, is it possible to achieve anything great without working for it? Can a lazy person who sleeps all day just wake up one day a doctor, a president, having good grades? Is it really possible? We can all definitely agree that it is NOT possible.

If you want to succeed academically, in sports, have good friendships etc, you have to put in some effort to see it become so. It’ s that plain and simple.

Let’s hear about some of the areas kids can put in a little bit of effort.

Let’s also hear about some of the motivations that push kids to work harder in life.

The bible sheds light on this issue of laziness and hard-work by referencing the ant.

From what we gather from this is that working hard is definitely wise. It brings success. But being lazy only brings poverty and misery.

To avoid being like the so mentioned sluggard and all the pain and embarrassment that comes from being lazy, chose to be active and put your efforts into something positive you want to achieve in your life.

We finish the lesson with a quick game of Tug of War to see guys put in a little effort to win.

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