How Will You Change The World

Nelson Mandela and Wangari Maathai are some of our heroes who are well known for changing the world. Wangari Maathai, one of our own, who had a deep love for nature and the environment believed that we could do better to improve it.

She insisted that we as a country/ world, plant more trees and reduce cutting down of forests. She believed that by not doing so, “we are digging our own graves.” She really did love and believe in taking care of the environment.

What do you think would happen if Mandela didn’t stand up for the Africans? Or if our fore fathers who fought for our independence chose not to fight? Would we be where we are today? Would we be enjoying the freedom and the resources we are enjoying right now? Probably not!

This is the significance of believing and standing up for a cause. It brings a lot of positive effects to not only you but also the world at large. People who deeply believe in something, are the ones who end up changing the world.

You don’t have to start big or do big things in order to change the world. Small deeds like collecting bottles and plastics off the ocean is changing the world by making the environment cleaner. In your own unique way, you can certainly change the world, may it be helping others, volunteering in charity causes, decorating other people’s homes, being kind to others etc. This is how you influence others to join your cause and end up changing the world at large. Let’s take a minute and listen to how these amazing kids will change the world.

We’ll echo again, everyone is unique and has the ability to bring change to the world in their own unique way. All you have to do is try. Don’t worry about the whole journey, just think about that one step you going to take. For example, the caring kids who help out the needy probably started off by helping the elderly and friends in their neighborhoods before upgrading to help strangers and the world at large.
What is that one belief you have that really makes you think if it were so, the world would be better than it is right now? Share with us in the comment section.

Before we leave, here’s a small background scene of the amazing kids explaining how they’re making their ‘Change the World’ posters.

And here’s our inspirational video of the day, a tribute to Wangari Maathai.

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