What do you really love? Or as some might say, what do you enjoy doing? That thing that no one has to push you to do because you’re so into it you find yourself doing it with ease. The thing that brings out your smile and lightens your mood whenever you are doing it! Yes, that thing, what is it?

For some, it’s swimming, for others, it’s painting, dancing, reading, exercising, helping others, learning new skills, meeting new people, traveling, cooking, teaching, cycling, listening to music, watching movies/series, photography, creative writing…you get the idea. So, what’s yours?

To know what your passion is, you first have to know who you are. It’s only through self-awareness that you get to know what you’re passionate about.
Luckily, these amazing kids had already tackled self-awareness, therefore knowing what their passions were, came easy for them, see!

Some love animals, sports and acting.

Others traveling, swimming, dancing and gymnastics.

Others enjoy learning German, golfing and taekwondo.

While others love editing, DIY and painting.

If you’re still struggling to find out what your passion is, we’ll help simplify this phenomenon. Passion basically narrows down to these two things: your talents and your hobbies. Your talent basically meaning what you’re skilled at and your hobbies being activities you enjoy doing for leisure or to pass time. Now that should do it! If you’ve figured it out, definitely let us know down in the comments!

To wrap all this in a creative sense, we ended the lesson with a drawing and coloring session of ourselves. Either drawing a self-portrait or drawing ourselves doing something we’re passionate about.

Guys also spared a minute to explain what they drew.

Before we go, we’ll leave you with these amazing presentations on last week’s assignment on achievements. Enjoy!

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