My Achievements

Achievement means accomplishing something through hard-work, courage or skill.

It is important to note that in order to accomplish something, you really have to work for it. Just dreaming about it won’t cut it. You have to be willing to get your hands dirty and do the work.

For adults some common achievements can be: having a family, owning a successful business, being a famous musician, artist, TV host, dancer or having a successful career such as being a doctor, engineer etc.

This is nice but does that mean that as kids we cannot have achievements? NO! On the contrary, kids can have as many accomplishments as they can depending on their hard work and zeal. Although some of these accomplishments are not as huge and shiny as those accomplished by adults, they are important and offer a stepping stone to higher and better achievements in future.

As a kid you can achieve in: your studies,

at sports,

and obviously through talent.

Yes, sometimes you need to have a dream of the achievement you want to accomplish in future. We call this, having goals. Ones that you work on till they come true.

The videos the guys are talking about are of other kids who have achieved big things in their lives at such a tender age, what an inspiration! From these videos, each one picked a kid who really inspired them.

Here’s Gabrielle the jewelry maker

Natasha, the scholar

The Yummy Brothers

And finally, a compilation of other successful kids

From sharing about our achievements, we got to appreciate ourselves and others even more. It gave us a renewed sense of pride. We got inspired to aim for greater and better, raising the bar higher as we grow.

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