Season II 2022

“Entrepreneurship: Staying the Course”

Starting 3rd September to 3rd December 2022

Parklands Sports Club


Open to all kids within 5-12 years

An Empowered Better me

Today, we are living at a time when it is very easy to be confused by the many and constant distractions that come our way from different sources, e.g. the social media, gadgets, schools, our community, list is endless. This can be quite overwhelming for the “young minds” as they try to find their identity .

As Amazing kids clubs opens it`s door for the season starting in the Month of September, we identified this as an issue worth addressing. The kids will be expected to work on their personal profiles. Each will envision who they are in 5 years and talk to that person, with a letter and video recording, a powerful and interesting challenge.

Topics to be covered include

  • Achievements and discipline
  • Passion.
  • Beliefs and values:

All challenges given to the kids will be with an aim of building self confidence.


In our last season, the kids had a challenging project– to set up a shop with products to sell, they did not disappoint. It was interesting to see the kids making sales,—– “planting roots of entrepreneurship at an early age”.

As we open, we intend to “stay the course” on entrepreneurship with bigger challenges to the kids. We expect bigger shops!!

Kids have great potential and we believe each is able to set up a business that can solve community problems and also generate income. Ideas on ways kids can exploit their gifts and talents include:-:

  • Inventor
  • Chores Service Operator
  • Tutoring Service Provider
  • Baker
  • Car Wash Service Operator
  • Musician
  • Seasonal Decorator etc
Topics to be covered under entrepreneurship
  • Business creation & Registration
  • Professionalism
  • Value of work and money
  • Understanding Business fees and expenses
  • Customer relations
  • Business Presentation
  • Branding and advertisement

The teaching methodology is through simple, easy-to-understand practical lessons with challenging assignments.

All these skills will help the kids to ” stand out”.

What else will be happening?

“Creativity”, – team and individual driven projects.

Spiritual growth through devotion time and bible memory verses. “Performances”: Dance, Gymnastics, Singing.

External activities and invited guests”: focusing on different areas of life issues giving excellent exposure to the kids.

On line”:-Opportunities to be featured with stories, creativity, videos, puzzles on our website and YouTube channel- all aimed at enhancing confidence.

Exhibition and showcase days” in the month November

Dinner 1st week of December 2022.

Your investment

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