Hello there, nice to see you. We really appreciate you here at Amazing Kids for sparing your precious time to come join us.

Before we even do anything else, let’s enjoy these morning pictures of us.

Now let’s play some ice-breakers as we wait for the others to arrive.

In today’s devotional, Teacher Elijah informs us about the love God has for us. This can be through protection, provision of food, shelter, clothing, good health and so much more. He really does love us and this is clearly illustrated through everyone’s favorite bible verse: John 3:16.

Guys are sharing their personal stories on how they have seen God’s love in their lives, let’s chip in. It seems that many have experienced God’s love through His protection, interesting!

Today’s lesson is on “Budgeting.”

Teacher Kelvin is explaining this in a very easy and fun way to understand.

So, a budget should be split into 4 main areas: Spending,

Saving, Tithing and Giving. It should be divided in the percentages of 50, 30, 10 and 10 respectively. Let’s continue listening to Teacher Kelvin as he explains this.

After learning, seems we have some budgeting scenarios to solve and present to the class. Luckily, we each get a partner to help out. I guess you’re with me.

All in all I think the guys performed really well don’t you think?

Tea time! It’s really cold today but this should help.

The weather outside is so bad today, so let’s just stay in and do a little bit of coloring.

We’re starting off with a new art project. So let’s do exactly that!

Now that was creative! Nice work accomplishing today’s art objective, high five!

Seems the day is finally coming to an end, but hey I think Teacher Elijah and Teacher Brian are signaling for us to gather around and play some team-building games, let’s go check it out.

That was definitely interesting!

Now we need to pray before we leave.

What a day that was! Hope you had fun. See you next week. Bye!

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