Trivia anyone?

As we all know by now, Amazing Kids sessions are always fun and creative. The Saturday of 21st May was no different.

First warm up with us for a minute. Do it with a little style if you can.

Trivia often push us to think just a little harder, a little smarter, and this one was no different. Time for a challenge, let us test you to see if you can solve these trivia. We believe you can do it! Okay let’s go!

What do you call a female deer?

Okay, second question, how many hearts does an octopus have?

Third question, which bird can fly backwards?

And to our final challenge, brace yourself, this could be a tough one. Which animals are trained by the US army to disarm under-water mines?

Did you get any correct? We hope you did and also learnt something new if you didn’t.

The devotion rolled on to a video clip and discussion on Bartimaeus. We learnt the value of speaking out. Just like Bartimaeus did till Jesus heard him and healed him from his blindness. We learnt that no matter how many times people push you down and insist that your opinion isn’t worthy to be heard, to keep fighting this negativity and speak out.

‘Be a Little Skeptical: Don’t Buy Everything You See’ was our lesson of the day. Amidst this advertisement world, we are bound to finally cave in to companies’ marketing strategies and end up buying stuff we don’t really need. In this lesson we tackled all that and several ways to avoid this advertisement trap.

Guys were elated to finally get a breather in the field

and then share some snacks and stories even.

They also got a chance to practice a dance to be showcased during the presentation.

We know you know what time it is, Art Time! We made leaf cutouts and also painted the sun. The project was nearing to its end. The following Saturday we would put this all together to form one nice painting.

The long awaited presentations were finally here, and guys didn’t dilly-dally any further to show us the dance they had been practicing during the day.

And of course the weekly highlight came from the presentations, this talented amazing girl over here wowed us all for sure!

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