You can’t escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.

Abraham Lincoln

Hi there.

Did you know that David was a very responsible person? He showed responsibility from the time he was a young boy looking after his father’s sheep. God later elevated him to be a king who turned out to be very responsible to his people. It has to be noted that his life as a young boy shepherding his father`s sheep played a big role in shaping him to be the great King he turned out to be. This is what we learnt during our devotional on the 12th of March.

Here we are watching a clip on David.

Still on the theme of “Entrepreneurship”, we learnt and discussed about “Transacting with Money.” Learning about historic exchanges like barter trade was certainly intriguing.

In the dance lesson, the first thing we did was sitting down for a few minutes to review our progress of the dance with the teachers.

Amazing Kids dance moves reviewing session

Sitting back and analyzing yourself from a distance makes you see yourself in a different perspective. It allows one to identify and pick on the areas there is need to work on more and then do better. Fortunately, that’s exactly what we did as we carried on with the dance lesson.

After having refreshments we prepared for the craft lesson. We were carrying on from where we had left off last Saturday. Certainly this was teaching us a great lesson on patience and that all good things take time.

“All good things take time”

Work doesn’t have to be boring. Our friends decided to entertain us with such nice presentations as the rest of us finished our craft projects for the day.

We then shared how our day was before praying and heading home.

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