Let’s Go Swimming

5th March; It started just like a normal Saturday this one. Devotional was up early in the morning. The topic being “Disobedience”. We learnt so much and more so through the story of Jonah. We learnt how he disobeyed and chose to run away from God. The lesson learnt; disobedience brings bad consequences. Even more so, it negatively affects not only us but also other people around us.

Here we were watching a clip of Jonah being swallowed by the whale. The reaction tells it all.

Our assignment for the devotion; Isaiah 1:19-20.

We carried on with the dance, this time learning new moves namely; “kick-ball-change” and “sun-shay”. I know right, those are some unique dance move names right there.

The lesson was on “Introduction to money”. We learnt about different forms of money and the history of money.

Did I mention there was swimming? Yes there was! We had already carried our swimming costumes and headed straight to the swimming pool for some fun.

The swimming session was so much fun; bonding and competing with our friends and some of us even got to display to everyone some really cool swimming moves they had been practicing. After such a fun workout, we needed to reenergize; snack time!

We then focused in order to do something productive to balance out our day. We learnt and engaged in the craft lesson where we made simple craft frames from scratch for the project that was bound to follow in the following weeks.

As we worked on our projects, some of us got to share their weekly stories with their friends and teachers.

We were glad to have successfully finished step one of the project. Here’s a sample of one.

Looks nice right?

We ended our day with prayers thanking God for the amazing day we just had and asked for good journey mercies and protection till we met again.

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