Reminiscing On The 26th of February

As am sitted here doing my homework, I find myself reminiscing on last Saturday, the 26th of February in Amazing Kids. *harp strum playing*

I recall it all; from when me and my friends arrive to officially starting with a word of prayer and a quick ‘weekly catch-up’ and jog in the field.

The nice surprise was the dance coming early this day. Coincidentally having just warmed up in the field, we were up and running with the dance lesson. First, we practiced some moves

then we got better and did better.

The devotion followed after a quick breather and water-break of course. The topic still on hard-work however more emphasis on how to avoid laziness. So we watched a video clip

then got to discuss all about what we learnt from the story. To hit the nail in the head, a memory verse on hard-work and laziness.

“To be successful, one has to fight off laziness and always choose to show up and work hard.”

The session that followed was the life skill lesson and the topic; “Ideas to Make Money.”

We had learned so much that morning.

Tea time was upon us. We washed our hands and picked our snacks with some style of course,

watched some more short clips and shared our snacks with others.

My heart really lightened up for the next activity. A segment mainly characterized by laughing, bonding and the freedom to run around and have some fun. And on this day, it wasn’t any different, if anything it turned out to be one of the best we’ve had in a while. Some of us envisioned driving cars,

others yearned to climb and “reach for the sky”,

while others whirled round and round in total joy and excitement.

Shhhh! some of us hid in our favorite spots enjoying our own amazing little world away from the others

but our friends found us soon after and joined in on the fun.

And finally those who treasured their bonding time did just that with their friends.

See! It was such a fun segment for everyone.

The art lesson followed, with the clear objective of finishing the art project we had started a few weeks prior. And so we put on our hard-working attitude as we had learnt earlier and did just that.

To show the competence in what we had done, we explained the whole art process from the top and our own unique designs.

And to carry that momentum on, we affirmed ourselves even more

and sang the amazing kids song too.

The day came to an end with these special memory verse presentations.

What a nice memory this day turned out to be. Such great memories to keep for time to come.

I find myself smiling from reminiscing all this. It was such a great day. However, I now find myself needing to focus back to my homework and make sure it is done. I look forward to more memories this coming Saturday!

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