Hello and welcome back. We hope you had a lovely week. Today is the 19th of February, 2022. Let us take you through the day.

We arrive at the club at 8:30 am, sign in then say hi to our friends and teachers as usual. On this morning though, Teacher Ruth asks us to each write a thank you note to our previous Saturday’s guest-speaker for a job well done and we happily do so.

Thank you Teacher Elizabeth for teaching us about saving, budgeting and investment.

Afterwards, we are ready for our devotional of the day. Today’s topic; hard work. We learn about hard work through the story of Nehemiah. How he left for Israel, his home town to build the wall. Teacher Brian teaches us all about Nehemiah’s story and why we should always work hard.

He also plays us a video on the same story just to put more emphasis.

As soon as the devotion ends, Teacher Elijah engages us in a short and fun icebreaker like so before shifting to the dance lesson.

Immediately after the ice-breaker, the Time Boss informs us that it’s time for the dance. For those not familiar, the Time Boss is an Amazing Kid whose role is to manage time and ensure each program goes as per the schedule of the day. Teacher Moses is all energized and goes ahead to give us a quick warm and then dives into the dance lesson.

Our prominent assistants are really shining during the dance lesson. Watch them lead and and assist Teacher Moses in teaching us the dance moves. we think they are really doing a good job, hongera!

Prominent assistants are basically the teachers’ assistants. They help ease the load on the teachers and lead the others in accomplishing the task at hand.

We are literally sweating due to the fun we had during the dance. We take a quick water break then gather together for a quick brief before separating into different groups for the life skill lesson. Today’s lesson; “Creating a Business.” We learn the basics of what it entails to have a business and then brainstorm business ideas each Amazing Kid could start now. At the end of the lesson we all come up with a business we will implement on June. Some examples of business ideas made were: selling candy, doughnuts, muffins, chapatis, DIY jewelry and more.

That talk about selling doughnuts and chapatis sure did make us hungry. Luckily, for us it’s already tea break time. Time for some tea and snacks.

Afterwards we go to the playground and have some fun.

After play break, we gather in class for the art lesson. Today, the teacher decides to spice things up a little bit and break the monotony. We learn how to make block style calligraphy letters, shade them and color them.

After the art lesson, presentations are up. We get special presentations from these amazing girls over here. Talk about being creative and entertaining. Nice voices and moves girls!

Having had a full day of productivity and fun, we pray, then pick our stuff and head home. And that is how our 19th of February was; it was such a good day.

As always, we leave you with our highlight of the day. Enjoy this wise business conversation between Teacher Elijah and his group members during the life skill lesson.

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