The 12th of February

Hello there. Thank you for coming back. We know you’re curious of what we have in store for you today. Well, no need to wait, let us take you through it.

As usual, we arrive at the club and sign in. Say hi to our friends and do a quick catch up of the week followed by a quick warm up.

Next, we do the devotion. Today’s topic is still on self confidence. However, we learn through the story of Moses. In particular, his encounter with the burning bush. We learn how Moses doubted himself. How he even used the excuse that he could not do it because he was a stammerer. God knew this was all self-doubt. God knew Moses was capable of leading His people out of slavery. Moral of the story, don’t listen to doubts, believe in yourself, you can do it!

To affirm this, we did a couple of affirmations.

Time to get our dancing shoes on! It’s time for the dance lesson. Today, we continue practicing our previous dance moves and even get to add some more.

That was fun! We take a quick breather for a job well done. By the way, did we tell you that today we have a special guest speaker? Yes, today’s lesson has been spiced up a bit. A guest speaker is going to come talk to us about money and ‘good money habits’ we can start right now as kids.

We’ve learnt so much from that talk. We’ve learnt about saving, budgeting and even on investing money. Let’s congratulate our wonderful speaker for a job well done.

Talk about a fun and productive morning. Time for tea and snacks.

After tea we head to the playground to play with our friends and have some more fun.

We head back to class after the play break. Time for the art lesson, let’s put our creative helmets on. Today, we continue with the art project we started last week only that in today’s lesson we finally get to paint the canvases we had already prepared.

There were some really nice paintings that were created. All in all everyone seemed focused and had fun creating their projects.

Sadly, it’s that time of the day again where we bid you goodbye. Having had a very productive and fruitful day, it’s time to go home and practice and share what we did. We hope we made you enjoy the day as we did. See you back here again next week, bye!

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