The 5th of February

It’s the 5th of February, hello there. It’s really good to see you back here again.

We arrive at Amazing Kids at 8:30 and do a quick sign in. First, let’s do a quick warm up.

Next; the devotion. Today we’ll learn about self-confidence. We learn this through the story of a young David and how he defeated the mighty Goliath. We then practice a few affirmations to help boost our self-confidence and believe we are capable of handling any problems life throws at us.

Today we start the long awaited dance lesson. Time to get our energies up,

then learn some basic moves we are going to use in our new dance,

and have fun showcasing what we have learnt so far in pairs.

We take a quick breather then get back to class where we get a small brief on the life lesson of the day and head off to our separate groups for a more detailed lesson. The lesson for today is on “Recognizing Opportunities”. We learn how to change our mindset to that of viewing problems as opportunities. We also learn to find a solution when we’re not comfortable with something. Since we’re on theme of “Entrepreneurship”, we also learn that we earn money by solving problems.

After the lesson, we take tea and snacks then head off to the playground to have some fun.

After playing, we’re now ready for the art project the art teacher has in store for us. The teacher divides us into groups of three with each a table. Each person gets a black canvas and each table also gets some rulers, color pencils and masking tapes to be used for the project. From there on, we just follow the teacher’s instructions. This should be the first step in what will be a three step art journey.

Having finished the project as per the goals of the day, we do the presentations. We talk about how our day was and even get to present some special performances we have. Some of us sang and some of us danced. It was nice!

After presentations we gather up to say our final prayers and then head home. Bye! We hope to see you back here next week.

Here’s our funniest blooper of the day. Presentate???

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