Hello there again, I hope you had a good December holiday, in case we haven’t wished you yet, happy new year!

We opened on January 22nd and on this day we started off with the devotion, the topic; self -discipline. The teacher told us the bible story of Joseph to emphasize this topic. We then played a game called “Hang man” just to energize our minds after having sat for a while during the devotion.

What is a house without order? We then moved on to set rules for ourselves to help us accomplish the goals we would set for the year. It was now time for the main event of the day, “Goal Setting”. The lesson for the day “Making SMART goals”.

We looked back at what we had accomplished in 2021, and we realized we had achieved much, all thanks to God. We wanted to up our game even further in 2022 and see where we could do even better. Hence the reason why we started the year off by creating goals for ourselves for the entire year. The teachers took us through the 2 main objectives which we were expected to achieve in 2022: Becoming better entrepreneurs and becoming a better version of ourselves.

As the year goes by, we are expected to learn practical entrepreneurship skills that we shall apply when we have our own selling booths selling various items of our choice. We are also expected to reflect back on ourselves; our strengths and our weaknesses. Pick on the weaknesses each of us has, set goals for them and engage in improving them as the year goes by. Talk about growing personally, mentally, spiritually and financially.

This season promises to be the best season yet. We are expected to have various fun excursions to emphasize our 2 main objectives of the year; career talks, charity/ volunteer day, adventures, fun day and many more. We all wrote all our goals down so that the teachers would hold us accountable to them throughout the year.

Now that was fun and productive! It was time for tea, snacks and play time, yeeey!!

After play time we went back to class to do art. This art session was different from the normal art lessons. We were supposed to envision ourselves as per the goals we had written down, how did we look like? What did we have/ achieve? We were supposed to depict this in a drawing. The teachers handed us each a drawing paper, pencil, rubber and color pencils. On finishing, we presented the drawing to the others, have them first guess what we had drawn and then explain to them what the drawing meant. We really enjoyed this as you can see!

Sadly it was time to depart and continue the fun the following Saturday where we would come with pictures and put all our goals together in a vision board. We prayed, said good-bye to our teachers and friends and headed home with our lovely parents.

I’ll leave you with our funniest moment of the day when my friend Gia jokingly answered that the “R” in SMART goals stands for “Rabbit”! It still cracks me up even now, that was a good one Gia😂

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