Hello 2022

Greetings from Amazing Kids Kenya:-

We open the doors for the Amazing Kids Club 2022 on Saturday 22nd January with a bang in line with our 5 primary objectives of the club.

Our key focus in the year:-

1. The kids personal empowerment titled “ Becoming a Better Me “.

2. Entrepreneurship for the kids early in life- Our goal with this topic is to turn Amazing Kids into tomorrow`s innovators in line with our theme of being “ Amazing, Original and Limitless).

3. Execution- “the one skill that drives success”.

Others areas of focus;

1. Creativity, Group and Individual Driven Projects.

2. Performances: Dance, Gymnastics, Singing.

3. Kids challenging assignments to bring out talent.

4. Solution finding and Decision making.

5. External activities and invited guests focusing on different areas ( contribution, volunteering, adventures, guest speakers, celebrations and much more).

6. Relational building and fun moments ( indoor and outdoor).

7. Opportunities to be featured with stories, creativity, videos, puzzles on our website and YouTube channel- all aimed at enhancing confidence.

8. Key positive value in focus- Diversity.

Exhibition and show case days to boost “a better Me “ are lined up to take place in the month of July and November culminating with a dinner 1st week of December 2022.

Where does the club take place? Parklands Sports Club every Saturday 8; 30 am to 1.30 Pm.

Your Investment: Kshs 6,000/- per 4 Saturdays

Amazing Kids Club is an initiative by Center Of Creativity Services

“Rescue Tomorrow Today”

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