Our Little Adventure

Let me tell you a story of an adventure experience by The Amazing Kids. It is the 27th of November, 2021; spoiler alert, it is a lot of fun!

First, let’s pray before we embark on this adventurous journey.

Before we leave for our first stop of the day, we are graced with a pleasant surprise from one of our parents. We receive these lovely “Matter Heart Run” t-shirts. Don’t we look lovely? I think we do! Thank you Mama Damian for this lovely surprise.

Our first stop finds us at the Children’s park. (And by the way it’s raining, but rain or no rain, nothing is spoiling this wonderful day). Back to the story, at this stop, we play a few games just to warm us up. One game by Teacher Elijah called “Wall, Rabbit, Arrow”; a variation of the “Rock, Paper, Scissors” game, stands out. He teaches us the game and we all join in!!

Next on the line, bike riding! This is really fun and different!!

The kids do cycling exercises, but soon we are back in the bus headed to our next adventure stop, The Animal Orphanage. Here, the kids take pictures,

others take notes,

others find animal buddies,

and some even sing a happy birthday song to a peacock. How unique!

The kids really enjoy their time at the orphanage, but, it is time for the next stop. Before leaving the kids enjoy a meal together. Good bye animal orphanage but you will see us again. It is a lovely moment we have enjoyed here; we have seen all kinds of animals, but the monkeys! That’s another story all together!!

We then take off to our final trip destination, The Bomas of Kenya to finish our little adventure on a high, and what a better way to do this than by watching traditional songs and dances? We then take a walk around the traditional huts depicting how our great great grandparents used to live, this will surely help us in our history class.

Our little adventure finally comes to an end, but that doesn’t mean our fun is over, there is more; sharing, eating our snacks together, each kid distributing what they have with the others, a joyous journey back to Parkland’s Sports Club, everyone excited in the bus sharing the fun experiences of the day.

What an amazing adventure we had. It’s safe to say that this one goes straight to the fun memories jar!

Oh, what an adventure, what fun, but everything with a beginning always has an end. Our day of excitement is over, the memories fortunately remain, what a beautiful day, we thank God for it!!

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