At what age can you involve your child in Problem solving?

When we came up with a segment titled “ Solution finder” in the Amazing Kids club, our thinking was that we would eliminate the small, small issues the children may face like , “ so and so laughed at me, or so and so was unkind to me , or my teacher doesn`t like me”

So we opened this “box” where the children can drop any problem that may be facing them, without putting their names, and then we sit together open the box  and allow the kids give solutions to these problems

To our surprise and contrary to our thinking that the box would have very simple issues, the kids dropped bigger issues, relating to social, family, school, personal. ..Another big surprise, is the solutions they come up with, real good advice to each other, testimonies of how faced with similar problem one solved it, real practical solutions!!— and this made me to ask myself the question,

At what age can you involve your child in Problem solving? When do they really start solving problems?

In my search, I came through an article in a scholastic site which helped me understand this issue better:

In summary this is how I got it—from when they are very young, they are

Natural solvers

Children are natural problem solvers. They explore the world with a curiosity that generates thinking and understanding, one problem at a time—

Just observe a child in a Crib, trying to reach something, the determination and the thought process!!!

Keen observers

Children are keen observers and are learning how to apply what they observe!!

The theory “monkey see monkey do” really applies with children

A sense of wonder

They wonder about how things work, how they go together, and how to take them apart. They think about where things come from and how they grow and change. They’re just curious!!

I am happy that at Amazing kids, we have this segment which is making the children start applying God given gift of thinking solutions at an early age. This will help them to be  proactive, responsible and accountable meaning, when they grow up, they will be less of “ serikari sadia” to more of, “ this is what I think and can do” to sort out this challenge.

Please, share an idea or two on this issue

Ruth Mukunga

Center of Creativity Services

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