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Greetings from Amazing Kids Club

We are pleased to share part one of the lesson on the value of consistency- covered with the kids on 7th July 2018.

At the bottom is their homework-which kindly do a reminder

What is to be consistent?

Is the quality of always being the same, doing things in the same way, having the standards you set for yourself and follow?

When you are consistent, you don’t keep changing,

If you are reliable and dependable, you remain that way wherever you are and are not easily diverted”

How can you be consistent with?—Discussion

  1. God
  2. At Home
  3. At School


  1. With Friends
  2. Amazing Kids Club


Consistency and Goals

When you have set your goals, you must believe you have the ability to achieve and being consistent will help you.


Consistency requires you to?

  • Trust God – Philippians 4:13 says-

“For I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength

  • Be disciplined
  • Work Hard
  • Not to give up

Benefits of being consistent

  • You pass exams and make progress
  • People trust you
  • You form habits of success when young eg, time keeping
  • You depend on God

Best role model to guide us to a life of consistency?

Our God

Hebrews 13:8

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever”.
Consistency is Key to success

Inconsistency is-

The opposite of being consistent is to be inconsistent—not being the same throughout

An example of inconsistency

  • Is when you don’t do things at the, right time, the right place, the right way, with the right people.


  • When you keep changing goals or you keep changing color like?


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