7 Reasons why enroll your teen to the Amazing:- “Teens Challenges and Impact on Career 101 Strategic Workshop”

  1. The open discussions/sharing about the challenges they “deem” to be serious issues facing them will make them see the issues from a different perspective.
  2. It will be a time to instill and emphasize   to the teens that no matter the circumstances, that each has the capacity to choose, decide and do only that which help them realize their dreams and desires.
  3. That time is limited and the need for each teen to maximize on the time they have now for their good!!
  4. Shared testimonies by youngsters who are ahead of them on what to expect once they are out of the school and home environment will give them a different outlook on life.
  5. Realization that every choice they make has an end result, good or bad and it is upon each one of them to decide.
  6. That self-empowerment comes by taking responsibility of one`s actions
  7. It is an opportunity to build relationships and networks

“Rescue tomorrow today”.

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