Great activities at Amazing Kids Club Every Saturday 8.30 am to 1.00 pm


Amazing Kids Club

In 2018, the kids are going to cover 11 modules. Each module has lessons to build the kids character- main reference in the lessons is the bible.

What happens every Saturday?

Lessons in form of devotions and trainings by professionals on creative work (art, craft, bead work, crocheting – introduced from last Saturday,), chess, music, dancing. Other activities include- swimming, outdoor games, presentations, storytelling,


Benefits of kid’s involvement in the Creative activities


  • Makes kids smart
  • Improves academic performance
  • Is a tool to develop the kid’s minds?
  • Makes the kids Cool

Music – Reverences Psalm 150: 6 Let everything that breathes sing praises to the Lord

  • Opens the left and right brain
  • Helps to sharpen the memory
  • Helps build confidence and self-expression
  • Improves creativity
  • Brings Peace, joy and excitement


  • Helps kids to think quickly
  • Better body coordination, agility, flexibility and helps body balancing and references
  • Helps counting and makes kids sharper
  • Improves condition of heart, lung, increased muscular strength, endurance and aerobic fitness
  • Improved mental functioning
  • Greater self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Improves creativity and better social skills

Crocheting, Art, craft, beads

  • Concentration and focus
  • Triggers the roots of becoming and entrepreneur (Most items made can be sold)
  • Growing creativity
  • Making gift items- can develop the habits of using own hands to make gifts instead of buying
  • Learning how to appreciate nature and beauty
  • Learning how to make a variety of different items
  • Learning how to focus, overcome challenges and perseverance


“Rescue tomorrow today”



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